Freckles in April: May 2014

Friday, May 30, 2014

A Little Baby Update

I had my big anatomy scan this week and this baby, mercifully, still has girl parts. Which is good because I have a closet FULL of the cutest girl clothing ever and I think I would cry forever if I didn't get to use all of the stuff I've been accumulating over the years. I've had actual nightmares about going in there and hearing, "You're having a BOY!" So it was a relief that there were no penises to be seen. We've had two of those show up in years past and I think we've filled our quota.

She is already classy and graceful, as you can see below.


But, seriously, she has the same nose as her brothers and they have, quite literally, the most perfect noses I've ever seen. So we're hoping that she'll pop out cute as a button and not folded up like an origami crane.

My doctor said, barring anything weird, this should be my last ultrasound. My boys both had complications later in pregnancy that necessitated TONS of ultrasounds so hearing that was music to my ears. I'm hoping we got our complications out of the way early with this pregnancy and now I can just cruise on through until delivery. I know most pregnant moms are thrilled to have ultrasounds but, for me, they always seem to bring bad news so I'd rather just...not.

Also, just for fun, here are the announcements we sent to the grandparents and my sister in Utah. Nothing fancy but I never did anything for my boys and, since this is our last baby, I thought I'd do one while I had the chance. They didn't know we were having an ultrasound so it really was a big surprise!

This pregnancy seems to be flying by compared to my other two. All the moving and travel has kept me so busy that I haven't had much time to sit and think, "WHY IS PREGNANCY SO LONG" like I did with my boys. Tuesday just keeps rolling around and my phone dings with an update from my BabyCenter app that I have knocked out another week. It makes me feel very productive, even if all I've done that week is take naps and eat cheese (the love handles. They are a-growin').

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

My Favorite Tee

*not sponsored. Just really excited. I share because I love you and I want you to have good tee-shirts.

These are my two favorite tees in my whole entire closet. I wear one or the other at least once a week. They're soft and have held their shape perfectly over the 2+ years I've had them (which, sadly, I can't say for a lot of other tees I've loved). The scoop neck is the perfect depth and I just LOVE the fit. They're my ideal tees.

I hadn't checked the Headline Shirts site in a while so I hopped on the other day only to discover that they've started offering plain tees in addition to their graphic options. I thought "MY LIFE IS NOW COMPLETE," and I immediately ordered two.

Taken by my sister after we went and got waffles from the Waffle Love truck. It was delicious.

I know the reason you guys come here is for high quality photos and my fabulous modeling abilities.

One color arrived the day before we left for Hawaii and it was my plane tee for both directions. Paired with leggings and a sweater it was so perfect for getting comfy on a 6 hour flight! This light blue one was waiting when I got back and I immediately threw it on. They're only $14 apiece so I'm pretty sure I'll own at least 2 more colors within the next couple weeks (can't help it. Don't judge me). It's the perfect summer tee, my friends.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Fish Story

Last week we were supposed to go to the Virgin Islands on vacation with my family but ended up in Hawaii instead (that's part of the excitement of flying standby- you're never 100% certain of your destination!). On our first day there we were wading into the ocean and I told my family about how I kind of wanted a shark bite. Not enough to MAIM me or anything, just enough to leave a cool scar and give me a unique story, you know?

The next day my sister, Nikki, and I hopped into the water with our snorkels and fins ready to explore this little cove down the road from our rental house. As we were heading out from the beach a pair of older guys were wading back while talking about getting attacked out in the water. Nikki and I interrupted, "What are you talking about??" They winked, "Oh you'll see!" The other responded, "Watch out for the triggers!"

The humuhumunukunukuapua'a (also known as a Picasso or Reef Trigger) is the state fish of Hawaii. We actually had one (named Humu Harry, rest his soul) that lived in my dad's saltwater tank while we were growing up, so we were fairly familiar. They're not the nicest fish but we'd seen worse. We put on our masks and ducked under.


Less than 30 seconds later we were swimming along toward the reef when something slammed into my left hand. I screeched into my snorkel and whirled around to see a trigger making a speedy getaway. Next to me my sister was half-drowning as she snorted with laughter. I examined my hand and found a perfect oval of teeth marks. The sucker bit me!

It's no shark bite, but it'll do!

With a stuffed Humu in downtown Kona.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Links I Love

Why hello there, outfit I want to wear all summer. [via Hatch]

A little brow finesse from The Beauty Department | Filling in my eyebrows takes forever but I always do it because it makes such a HUGE difference in how I look. I gave this little trick a try yesterday and it was amazing. Basically the same results in less than half the time. Sign me up.

Some post-partum friendly pants from Camp Patton | She looks incredible and I will be buying some of these. Possibly sooner rather than later because guess who doesn't look all that great in skinny jeans right now? My thighs need some room to breathe.

A post about real life from Everyday Reading | I love Janssen for writing this. Bloggers tend to write about the sunshiney stuff because no one wants to hear about how obnoxious your kids are capable of being or how you haven't done laundry all week and so half the family is going commando (ahem). But it's a good reminder that what we put out there is curated and that real life is much more...real.

A beautiful bald bride from Style Me Pretty | This woman discovered she had cancer in the middle of planning her wedding. They went ahead anyway. I was in tears by the end of the post.

If Elsa and Kuzco had a baby | I died.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Getting Started

We painted the main living areas of our house before we moved in and installed some extra lighting in the darkest areas last weekend but, beyond that, haven't done much in the way of decorating or updating. It certainly needs it, but we haven't had the budget or the time (with the exception of getting a projector and building an enormous screen for the living room. Three guesses who spear-headed that project without really talking to his wife about it first). 

The room we've set aside for the baby is almost completely empty AND there's a deadline, which makes it a good place to start.

Looking in from the door

Looking from the corner opposite the door

It's the smallest bedroom in the house, I believe. We have 3 bedrooms and a bathroom all set together off of a hallway on the second floor, so we've got the baby in one, the boys sharing another, and our playroom in the largest room. It's kind of like the kids have their own wing of the house and we love it!

The baby's room gets crap light from the one small north-facing window but, since we've got several years of naps ahead of us, I'm actually counting that as a plus at the moment.

The existing paint is actually a rather relaxing gray color with a lovely dark accent wall but it's flat paint (which I have very strong feelings about) and is looking a little worse for the wear. Paint is definitely on the agenda.

After debating for several weeks I've decided on this color palette (perhaps with a little mint in there as well)-

Something about this room calls for dark and moody paint, so I'm going with navy on the walls. I put up some sample paint on the walls yesterday and I think I've got my color nailed down. To keep it from being overwhelmingly dark we're also going to install some creamy white beadboard and crown molding, which I think will make the room drastically more interesting.

I got super lucky at Goodwill this week and found 3 light gray curtain panels in near perfect condition for $6.99 apiece (as opposed to the $30 apiece like I found at Target). Two will go up on the window and I'm hoping to use the 3rd to re-do the forward facing bookcase I bought when Stinky was a baby (it's the big red thing in the closet. It's fantastic for little kids but has never matched anything in my house).

I'm on the lookout for a dresser that can double as a changing table as well as a rocking chair of some sort. I'll be getting my crib back in the fall (I loaned it out to a friend when Baby 2 outgrew it). I picked out some fantastic art from Etsy this week and I've been searching for a box of unused frames that I know is around here somewhere.

I'm readying my poor finger for the large amount of gold spray painting I'll be doing. I love the idea of gold frames with white mats on the navy wall (image from Pinterest. Original source unknown)

I feel like I've got a good handle on how this room will look and feel and I'm really excited to finally have at least ONE room that's "done". Unfortunately, the hideous brown carpet is there until we are ready to tackle all the flooring so I just have to turn a blind eye for a while. Bleh.

Bonus: here was Stinky's nursery when he was a newborn! That mural was my labor of love while hugely pregnant- I was so proud of it!

And now, my most pressing question: how the freak does everyone organize their kids' closets? If you've got any genius tips, I am all ears.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

DIY Newborn Gowns

EDIT April 2016: It appears the blog I link to in the post no longer exists and neither does the pattern. I found this post, which contains a PDF pattern that's close to identical

A few days ago one of my friends posted on FB that she was in search of a new hobby. I chimed in that my favs are baking and sewing. And then I thought, "Except I haven't done either in ages." Fortunately an opportunity for chocolate chip cookie baking presented itself and THEN I fortuitously found my sewing machine (wasn't sure where it landed after the move). It was time.

Although my sewing machine surfaced, my large under-bed storage bag full of all my patterns has not. I have seriously torn this house apart and I have NO idea where it is, which is really sad. There were a lot of awesome patterns in there that I've collected over the years. And it's HUGE, where would it even go??

Anyway, Google came to my rescue and I was able to locate the pattern I really wanted. Mercifully, it is still FREE and it remains one of my favorite sewing projects. It's one of those fairly easy, highly rewarding sewing projects. Especially if you can go with an assembly line approach like I did!

I LOVE newborn gowns. Someone (my aunt, I think?) gave us a couple for Stinky when he was born. They were sized 0-3 months but we squeezed him into them until he was like 8 months old (they are really forgiving and he was pretty small). They are just so sweet and soft with no waistbands digging into round little tummies. Plus, easy diaper access.

So when I stumbled across that post while pregnant with Baby 2 I got sewing.

Drooly Baby 2 in one of his mommy-made gowns

I was a pretty amateur seamstress at the time and I'm still so proud of how they turned out! It ended up being my go-to baby shower gift for a few years before I lost my sewing groove.

Two friends have either had a girl baby or announced they are expecting a girl baby in the past few weeks so I decided it was time to sew up some gowns. I bought 2 yards of fabric plus a little ribbing and elastic from JoAnn's for just over $13. With judicious cutting I got FIVE gowns out of those two yards. I did the math and they cost me something like $2.60 apiece and a few hours of my time. Not too shabby, people.

And now to buy fabric for my two friends who are having boys!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

In Case You Missed It

Thus far our caboose seems to have girl parts but I'm not sure I'll feel 100% on that until she's born and I see for myself. Not that that has stopped me from buying millions of itty-bitty dresses (and one fantastic pair of moto-inspired zip leggings in size 12m. Can't WAIT for her to fit into those).


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Birthday Partying

This post is sponsored but I was planning on writing it anyway. Learn about my fantastic sponsor right here (you could win a date night from popchips!). Thanks for allowing me to support my blogging habit through the occasional sponsored post!

My birthday was last weekend. We celebrated as we normally do (by going out to eat whenever I felt like it)(which was often) and it was fairly low key. I have a good friend from our old neighborhood who has a birthday the day after mine and, in the past, we've done a big girls night out together to celebrate. We were both feeling kind of home-bodyish this year though (she's 34 weeks pregnant. I don't blame her) so instead we decided to do a belated celebration and invited people to my house for appetizers, desserts and a fire on Tuesday night.

It was super dark by the time everyone arrived with their contributions, so unfortunately this is the best of my pictures. BUT we ate like queens. I made Janssen's jalapeno popper dip (SO GOOD) and served it with popchips and raw veggies. We at almost the whole (huge) pan. Someone else brought apples and a yummy caramel dip I'd never had before. There were muffins, s'mores, crudites and several yummy dips, homemade salsa, and candy galore. Aaron had to roll me to bed afterward.

I've always loved going out with these ladies but it was SO nice just having everyone come over. Sure, it meant I had to clean and whip up some dip but it was also very relaxed. Being in a private backyard as opposed to a crowded restaurant meant we were free to discuss aliens, bikini waxing, and whatever odd topic we drifted to without having to worry about offending other diners. It was the perfect way to welcome in the last year of my twenties!

So far 29 is shaping up to be pretty awesome.
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