Freckles in April: Virginia and North Carolina Bound!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Virginia and North Carolina Bound!

As I mentioned before, I have TWO beach vacations coming up in May. I know I can't be alone in thinking that a vacation means I need a suitcase full of new clothes. Yes, it's ridiculous, the clothes I own are just fine, but I can't help it. I always end up striking a balance by picking up one or two new things then filling up the rest of my bag with regular favorites.

A couple months ago I picked up this dress on sale from ASOS-

No longer available :(
 I haven't gotten to wear it yet so I'm pretty excited to pack it for my trips!

I also got a MUCH needed hat-

Blurry shopping selfie I sent to my mom and sister
On clearance from TJ Maxx!

I also picked up a couple new rash guards for my ghostly pale boys (you can see my little redhead in the background of the above picture...the kid needs as much sun protection as he can get).

I've got an old pair of shorts I love, a new swimsuit, and enough t-shirts to keep me covered for a week. I feel like I'm pretty much ready to go!

We're going to be in the Williamsburg area of Virginia and then staying in a beach house in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Any suggestions for (kid friendly!) stuff to do/places to eat/things to see? We've never been so we're all ears!


  1. Wait, when will you be in each place? We will be at the outer banks the week after Memorial Day and are driving up to Williamsburg the following weekend for a wedding. OBX basically has nothing to do but (lovely) beach and kitty hawk. Williamsburg has so much historical stuff. You should also pop over to Jamestown. Our kids love all their little demonstrations (glass blowing, candle making, etc.). The last time we were in Williamsburg. We didn't have a ton of time so we skipped the (expensive) pass and went in the free places (still quite a bit) and spent some time in Jamestown to supplement. Jamestown is much less touristy, too. Let me know if you have questions! (And drive up to dc if you can!)

  2. Duck Donuts in the OBX! Williamsburg is boring but there is an outlet mall!

  3. DUCK DONUTS! So delish! If you are in the northern part of OBX, near Corolla, you should visit the Whalehead Beach Club and the lighthouse. Also, rent bikes, and check out the nature preserve nearby. We are always fans of going putt-putting as well. but do NOT take a wild horse tour. it's so hard to see them these days.

  4. If there's anyone who believes firmly in buying new outfits to travel's me. I'm with you. I'm pretty much hiking/grubbing my way through Iceland, but since I want to still look cute in pictures it makes sense that I should get uber cute leggings and comfy oversized shirts/tunics to wear with my hiking boots and casually askew hair......RIGHT?? Right.


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