Freckles in April: Trying to Find My Groove

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Trying to Find My Groove

The problem with not writing is that it makes you less able to write. Blogging, like so many things, is comparable to a muscle. If you don't use it regularly and exercise it then it atrophies and becomes weak. Over the past month I've thought several times, "I should blog! ...But what do I write about? I got nothin'."

I tried to take some outfit pictures for Babble yesterday for the first time in over a month and was literally standing there thinking, "How do I do this?? I don't remember! WHERE DO MY HANDS GO." It was really frustrating and my pictures were crap and I'm back to the drawing board with that post.

Finally I changed back into the clothes I was wearing before and went outside and just tried to rediscover my comfort zone in front of the camera. Aaron came out and helped me remember to think about things like light and ISO and all that stuff (OH YEAH) and we both had an awkward nervous laugh over this crazy aggressive hummingbird that lives in our backyard that I swear is going to take one of my eyes if I'm not totally aware of where it is at all times.

I haven't quite gotten my groove back but heaven knows I am going to TRY. I've been in kind of weird place with this blog. For a while it got moderately popular and I felt really awkward writing about anything personal so I stuck to mostly style related posts. And then I got my Babble gig and it was super hard coming up with enough content for both there AND here when they had such similar focuses. So this blog died a bit because it makes zero dollars and Babble makes a little more than that and, if I have to choose between the two, I pick the one that allows me to save up and buy plane tickets to New York and go swimsuit shopping whenever I feel like it.

Now that my blog has dropped back into obscurity with like 5 readers maybe I'll feel a bit more comfortable with the personal stuff again. Regardless, I need to find my groove and figure out what I'm doing over here. Don't mind if things seem a bit uneven in the coming weeks and months...I'm just trying to find my footing.


 I also write for Babble! Here's what's new:

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  1. Good luck finding your footing! Do you :)

  2. I really appreciate the honesty here, actually. I love a good outfit post, for sure, but my favorites are when people show a little bit of their real self, flaws and fears and all.

    Do I take my own advice? Sometimes...but not nearly enough.



  3. Welcome back! You're great at so many things, and you can blog about any of them and have an audience- I promise!

  4. Oddly I used to follow you, and then stopped reading ALL blogs for a while there. Life just kept me busy. I recently rediscovered you and am excited to hear you're thinking about going more personal over here. I can only imagine how tough it is coming up with double the content! You do a great job with both!

  5. I know exactly how you feel, its like a dark cloud is following you. Yuck. Glad you are getting back into the game lady, you got this! :)

  6. can't wait for more posts. have always loved your blog!

  7. My blogging muscles shriveled up and died. They really did. It's sad, anything I post feels so awkward. Sad sad sad.

    If it's any consolation to you at all- I have absolutely zero interest in fashion blogs and yet I still find enough humor and awesomeness in your writing that I am a devoted fan.

    You could write about just about anything and I'd love to read it!

  8. You've got this. Take the time you need, and the internet waits patiently. :)

    You know that I couldn't read this without shaking my hand and whispering, "The grooooove."

    ("Was she scary beyond all reason?")


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