Freckles in April: Camping!

Friday, April 18, 2014


We are (maybe, if the stars align) going camping soon. I have been going absolutely stir-crazy lately and I need to get awaaaaay from my house, the internet, cell service, everything.

Unfortunately, our favorite camping spot is still seeing temperatures in the 30s(!) at night. Aaron and I are fine with that but our almost 4-year-old has a really hard time when it gets anywhere near that cold so we're thinking about trying out a new spot instead that is significantly closer to home and a little warmer.

Which brings me to: what do you EAT when you go camping? Planning the meals is always by FAR the hardest part for me. We don't have a dutch oven but we do have a camping stove (and a fire). Suggestions? Recipes? I'm alllll ears.

S'mores are a given though. That much I've already got planned.

A few links for your Friday:

-Did you see Janssen's post about the new BareSkin makeup from Bare Minerals? I love my Dr Jart BB cream buuut that BareSkin stuff sounds amazing for summer (even better after texting with Janssen about it). Maybe a little birthday present for myself?

-I wrote a post for Babble a couple weeks ago about active swimsuits that are actually cute. I've been searching haaard for a reasonably priced top that would keep me all contained while I jump around in the waves next month. I finally sucked it up and ordered this top from Athleta. It's more than I really wanted to spend but I've made my peace. I also found a gorgeous Pendleton beach towel for cheap at TJ Maxx this week. BRING IT ON, BEACH.

-If you're rocking a pregnant belly and like to sew, you should give this pattern from Megan Nielsen a try. I downloaded the pattern back when I was pregnant with Stinky over 6 years ago and was a total novice seamstress. I still dream about wearing it again. LOVE it.

-My current phone background. A much needed reminder.


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  1. my family loved the tin foil dinners when we would go camping. super-easy prep, cook, and clean up.

  2. I second tin foil dinners! But cook the vegetables to soften them up some--they won't cook as fast as the meat.

  3. I like tin foil dinners too, but I always assemble them and cook them at home then just warm them up in the campfire.

  4. I concur with all of the above, tin foil dinners. I'm sure Pinterest will help you out with ideas. I have been dying to go camping as well. It's on the list for upcoming weekends.

  5. Yes on tin foil dinners (there are SO many options and variations!), and I think cooking them at home is brilliant. If you have a camp stove I'd recommend pancakes. You can keep the pre-mixed batter in the cooler in a squeeze bottle and syrup doesn't need to be in the cooler. Eggs also technically don't need to be in the cooler, so you could scramble some of those (or boil them at home and eat them cold with salt and pepper). For lunch we always took bread and sandwich fixin's, and some cut veggies in a big tupperware with ice in it to keep them crisp (and save room in the cooler), but you could keep cut veggies or fruit in plastic baggies in a cooler too. You can also stock up on granola bars, chips, and trailmix stuff, of course S'mores and hot dogs/buns are a good option (take Reese's PB cups instead of solid chocolate. Oh. My. Amazing!! You'll never go back!). Take a can or two of baked beans and mix with some ketchup, mustard, and dry onion and heat that up on your stove, and if you're not up for hot dogs you could do sloppy joe's, cook the meat beforehand and then heat up on your stove.

    Gah! Now I want to go camping!

  6. Nothing beats a can of creamed corn thrown in the fire (throw in the creamed corn, splat, smoke everywhere... I mean leave it in the can!), some pork chops on the grill and maybe a couple baked potatoes too. Mmmm ... Enjoy!

  7. Foil dinners here, too! We usually do a veggie mix (squash, onions, bell peppers) and a cheesy potato one. I've also made black bean burgers and reheated them in the fire, but that's a good bit more work. Oh, and we love foil-wrapped burritos, too. They get all crispy and delish on the outside.

  8. we use a grill when we camp and eat bratwurst, tacos, chicken, spaghetti, pancakes and sausage and for lunch we have a sandwich and ramen noodles. When we backpack, we take freeze dried meals, oatmeal, flatbread, chocolate spread and M&M's.


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