Freckles in April: My 6 Superpowers of Dubious Merit

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My 6 Superpowers of Dubious Merit

Last night I must have fallen asleep thinking about blogging because I dreamed I wrote a post entitled "My Superpowers of Dubious Merit." In my dream I was rolling laughing while writing it. It didn't quite shake down that way in the waking world (I suspect I came up with significantly better ones while sleeping) but it was still kind of fun thinking about these.

1. I can take a hundred pictures of myself in under 10 minutes.

2. I can take a hundred pictures of myself and not have a single one turn out usable.

There's more where this came from (see a nonblurry version in this Babble post)

3. I can throw up on demand. And sometimes not on demand (thank you, two barfy pregnancies, for giving me a hair trigger gag reflex).

4. I can raise each eyebrow independently of the other.

5. I can still say "Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die." in Spanish 12 years after watching the movie in class. (that's about all the Spanish I remember)

6. I can eat an entire Cafe Rio salad in one sitting.

I feel like there's a comic book possibility in there somewhere.

What is your superpower of dubious merit?


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  1. My dubious superpower: I can gain 20 pounds and still be the same pants size.


  2. My superpower is definitely my crazy good memory. Tell me something about yourself, and I will remember. I often remind people of things that they did that I wasn't even there to witness. But one of my hidden talents is getting people to do my phone surveys. I found out I was very good at this during my college summer jobs when I was frequently the top performer. How does this talent translate to real life? I have no idea, but if being a college professor doesn't work out at least I have something to fall back on.

  3. Haha! This made me laugh, and the princess bride is one of my favorite movies!! "stop rhyming I mean it...anybody want a peanut?"

  4. I can eat an entire can of Pringles in one sitting and not feel full after. I could probably eat two now that I think about it. ;o)

  5. I can make it rain by putting the washing on the line. Sometimes I don't even have to put it on the line - just THINKING about putting it out will do the trick.

  6. I really like #5. I can freehand draw circles surprisingly well, even though I can't draw much of anything. And I don't have to measure beforehand to write large words on posters and stuff and get them perfectly centered without the letters squishing at the end or writing it too small. So I guess I'm good at symmetry. Also, hula hoops.

  7. I am suspicious of anyone who can't eat a cafe rio salad in one sitting... Also, salad leftovers are gross!


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