Freckles in April: Neutrals and Lace

Monday, January 27, 2014

Neutrals and Lace

I've sort of kept an eye on this lace ASOS dress for a couple months, hoping it would go on sale. Patience, my friends, is how you get a gorgeous dress for $25. The length is a bit stumpifying but I've made my peace. Paired with the most comfortable shoes ever I have been a very happy and comfortable camper this weekend (did I wear it two days in a row? Yes I did).

Also, question for people who are smarter than I am: my pictures look great in Photoshop but as soon as I put them anywhere else the tones are WAY cooler. Like, my hair and skin in this pic? Should be far warmer and redder (and this is after I already bumped up the warmth!). I'm sure there's a setting I need to mess with to make what I see in Photoshop match with what I see outside of Photoshop. Ideas?

Edit: it looks totally fine and normal in my feed reader. But not in Blogger. And generally not in Babble either. I have no idea.


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  1. So pretty! (Patience is also how I recently got a Boden cardigan (originally $118) for $35. =)

  2. This may be a silly question, but does the brightness on your computer change between when you're in photoshop and online? On my computer they show up really warm! Another thing is to make sure your compressing the layers when you save them as jpgs?

  3. love that dress! beautiful combination!

  4. Are you saving as JPEGs? That could be the issue! I just learned PNG is WAY better for web!


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