Freckles in April: Moving Along

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Moving Along

On Sunday Aaron and I were sitting in church and very reverently checking our email when we got super exciting news- we got an offer on our house! Of course it's never a done deal until it actually closes but it seems to be a pretty solid offer and the buys are mercifully flexible so we can try and close on this house and the new house at the same time.

Out with the old!

The new house is perfectly liveable in its current state but it's quite dated and has zero personality. We have big plans for (slowly) updating the place. We've been drooling over flooring options for a few weeks (is this what it means to be an adult?) and dreaming about painting. Our budget is fairly smallish and the house is kind of biggish so we're hoping to do as much as possible ourselves.

So question: what are your favorite DIY/inspiration home type blogs? I love Little Green Notebook and Young House Love and I'm sure there a tons of other great options out there!


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  2. I love reading plans and how-to from Ana White. She makes everything sound SO doable--even building a house yourself, from scratch, in Alaska. This is both awesome...and possibly awful.

  3. Crossing my fingers it all plays out perfectly!

  4. Here's hoping your closing/ move is quick and smooth! I enjoy the blog Create- her DIYs are always budget friendly. :)

  5. Not to jump the gun or anything, but congrats! Here's hoping it all goes through as smoothly as possible!

    You should check out and of my favorite home improvement/DIY/design-type blogs.

  6. Yay! Congrats! I would take a fixer upper over a new home any day, houses without projects are boring. We use Pinterest for most most of our inspiration or my husband googles to shiz out of projects he wants to do until he figures out how to do them ( like our kitchen backsplash and small electrical things). Actually we just posted pictures of our house on our blog, it's not completely done

  7. But it's getting there

  8. Congrats! And...I totally check my email in church too. Reverently.

  9. So I meant to comment on here ages ago... sorry for the late comment. I love LGN as well. Jenny is amazing. Are you familiar with Caitlin Creer or Kirsten Krason? They have similar design aesthetics. You might be interested in browsing their portfolios. I think Caitlin Wilson also has great taste, but I'm sort of biased since she's my cousin. :) Good luck!

    Caitlin Creer:
    Kirsten Krason:
    Caitlin Wilson:

    -Melissa @ Bookmark Dragon


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