Freckles in April: January 2014

Monday, January 27, 2014

Neutrals and Lace

I've sort of kept an eye on this lace ASOS dress for a couple months, hoping it would go on sale. Patience, my friends, is how you get a gorgeous dress for $25. The length is a bit stumpifying but I've made my peace. Paired with the most comfortable shoes ever I have been a very happy and comfortable camper this weekend (did I wear it two days in a row? Yes I did).

Also, question for people who are smarter than I am: my pictures look great in Photoshop but as soon as I put them anywhere else the tones are WAY cooler. Like, my hair and skin in this pic? Should be far warmer and redder (and this is after I already bumped up the warmth!). I'm sure there's a setting I need to mess with to make what I see in Photoshop match with what I see outside of Photoshop. Ideas?

Edit: it looks totally fine and normal in my feed reader. But not in Blogger. And generally not in Babble either. I have no idea.


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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Moving Along

On Sunday Aaron and I were sitting in church and very reverently checking our email when we got super exciting news- we got an offer on our house! Of course it's never a done deal until it actually closes but it seems to be a pretty solid offer and the buys are mercifully flexible so we can try and close on this house and the new house at the same time.

Out with the old!

The new house is perfectly liveable in its current state but it's quite dated and has zero personality. We have big plans for (slowly) updating the place. We've been drooling over flooring options for a few weeks (is this what it means to be an adult?) and dreaming about painting. Our budget is fairly smallish and the house is kind of biggish so we're hoping to do as much as possible ourselves.

So question: what are your favorite DIY/inspiration home type blogs? I love Little Green Notebook and Young House Love and I'm sure there a tons of other great options out there!

Monday, January 20, 2014

I am a Feminist

A friend of mine recently posted a Gordon B. Hinckley quote about how wonderful women are with a comment that was something to the effect of, "We don't need feminism because I know my worth!"

I sat and blinked at my phone screen.

She and I both come from a religious tradition that has included statements from church leaders given over the pulpit about the evils of feminism. She and many of my sisters in the gospel feel that feminism is unnecessary. You know, because of our inherent worth.

When I told Erica about my friend's post she said, "I'm so happy she knows her worth but sadly that doesn't stop sex slavery."

To the women who think we don't need feminism  because your life is just dandy- this isn't about you.

You were given an education. You can drive a car. You can choose who to marry. You have access to birth control. You can get a divorce. You have legal recourse if you are raped or abused. You were not aborted simply because you were a girl.

But millions of your sisters around the world are not so lucky.

They need feminism. I need feminism. We all need feminism.

Thanks, Pinterest

I'm so tired of people proudly declaring that they're not feminists. Because unless you are in favor of selling underage girls into sex slavery in Thailand, you are a feminist. If it bothers you that women in the middle east have acid thrown in their faces because they dared to learn to read and write, you are a feminist. If you think women deserve to vote, you are a feminist. If you think rape is never justified, you are a feminist.

It has nothing to do with bashing men and everything to do with basic human rights for all people.

I am a feminist. It bewilders my husband a little bit but I know that he's actually a feminist too. He just hasn't made his peace yet. He'll get there. Maybe you will too. You don't have to wear a scarlet F around and I promise you can keep your bra. Just be aware that your privileged situation is not universal. Maybe read Half the Sky. Don't laugh when someone makes a joke that demeans women. Make a micro loan on Kiva to a woman who is trying to pull herself out of poverty. Don't slut shame.

Come to the feminist side. We have pie! And basic human rights. It's a win/win.


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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

January Collaboration!

It's time for my collaborative post for January! I'd love to have you join up. I will be publishing on Friday, so I need your pics ASAP!

Get the details here.


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