Freckles in April: Tights and Coats and Stress

Monday, December 2, 2013

Tights and Coats and Stress

Aside from a black and white striped pair I wore for a Halloween thing for a few hours in October, you are currently looking at the first pair of tights I have worn in years.

I have an active dislike for tights (don't mind the look, can't stand the way they feel) but this weekend I went shopping with my mom and grandma and we ended up at Charming Charlie and they had tights for like 8 bucks I am. Wearing dark gray tights. I cursed a bit when I went to wrestle them off then on again in the bathroom but otherwise they didn't bother me as much as I remembered.

Coat c/o OASAP, shirt from Macy's, skirt from Shade (RIP), Charming Charlie tights, boots from Dillards
This skirt is a smidge too short for my comfort and it has a super slippery satin lining so it was more than halfway up my thigh pretty constantly during church whenever a kid climbed into or out of my lap. The tights ended up being my saving grace. Perhaps I will have  small change of opinion on the tights subject.

Also, I got this coat for our Chicago trip (this week, eeee!) and I've got a scarf and some pretty serious glove things. I also picked up some fleece-lined leggings so I can layer like crazy if I need to. The weather forecast isn't predicting horrific cold so I think I'll be ok? Hope hope hope.

Gah, I'm such a wimp.

First thing in the morning? ...Maybe.

We should be hearing back from the bank this week about the house we really want!! We need to sell this house and we need the bank to be reasonable about the other one and we need those things to coordinate perfectly timing-wise so we won't be homeless. AND I have to get on a plane this week which also gives me some pretty good anxiety so let's just say I'm not doing so well in the stress department just at the moment. If you've got some extra good vibes laying around this week, send them our way! Chocolate would also not go unappreciated...


  1. and there you stumbled upon the beauty of tights - skirts/dresses i won't wear with bare legs are worn with aplomb when worn with tights.

  2. I have sympathy angst about your flight! And I really, really hate tights...but I also hate cold...maybe time for me to try again? Good luck with the house!

  3. i broke down and wore tights the other day too! HELL HATH FROZEN OVER.


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