Freckles in April: My Cheapest Beauty Secret- DIY Hair Rollers

Thursday, December 19, 2013

My Cheapest Beauty Secret- DIY Hair Rollers

Right about this time last year I had some kind of holiday event to go to and I was struck by a sudden need to roll and set my hair.

This was not something I had done since I owned a set of hot rollers in elementary school so I don't know why it all of a sudden seemed like something I NEEDED to do but that's how my brain works so let's not question it.

I thought about running to Wal Mart for a cheap set of rollers but I didn't have time (also: lazy). Instead I remembered that I'd just finished off a roll of wrapping paper and the tube was sitting in the recycle bin in our kitchen. It's sort of roller shaped, right? I grabbed it, used a box cutter to cut it into 2-3 inch pieces, and got rolling.

Since then I've gotten a ton of use out of my cardboard rollers. They're just barely starting to peel a bit but even then they still work fine. Not bad for free, right?

Since odds are good that you will soon have a few empty wrapping paper tubes on hand and you may ALSO have a pressing need to roll your hair, here's how I use my DIY cardboard rollers.

Start with freshly blow-dried hair (preferably with some product in it. I use a heat protectant mousse).

I know you are astounded at the quality of photography going on over here.

Take a 2ish inch thick section from the front of your hair.

Sadly the next part requires two hands and thus has no pictures. But I start by wrapping the middle of my section around the roller a couple times then wrapping the ends in before rolling it to my scalp. I have lots of layers going on so starting at the ends means a lot of pieces fall out while I roll. Starting in the middle keeps everything together.

Stick a bobby pin in both sides.

Someone should really hire me to shoot hair tutorials.

Continue down the back of your head. Think skunk stripe. But with rollers.

Yes that 3rd one had to be redone.

If I'm going to be straightening my hair OR I want to curl it later, I'll just do rollers in the top layers at the top and sides of my head for volume.  If I want an all-over gentle wave I do my whole head. It's a really good look.

Aaron is a lucky man.

I turn my blow dryer on low and warm everything up and then let it cool to set. Usually I do my makeup or something while it cools.

Then take everything down aaaand-

Bouncy hair with a slight curl.

I was in a hurry and didn't let this one sit long enough but the warmer my hair when I start (and the longer I let it cool) the better it turns out!

If you enjoyed this post then you may also like my romantic curly updo tutorial or this recipe for homemade sea salt spray to give your hair serious texture and volume!


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  1. This is kind of genius. I save toilet paper rolls because they always come in handy at some point, think they would work if I cut them in half? (ps- I went on study abroad with Janssen ages ago and at some point clicked over here from your blog and have been enjoying ever since but don't think I've ever commented before!)

  2. This is awsome! I always use hot rollers but this DIY rollers is genius! Thanks for sharing!
    more details


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