Freckles in April: Home Again, Home Again

Monday, December 9, 2013

Home Again, Home Again

Thank you all for your wonderful Chicago suggestions! More than once Aaron and I pulled up my blog comments when we needed to fill a couple hours. Super handy!!

Our flight was delayed by several hours BUT we were childless and fancy-free so we didn't mind too much!
We flew in super late Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning and got to our hotel around 1am. We stayed at Hotel Sax, which I totally recommend. I got a good deal through Priceline and we were so pleased. Our room was spacious and had a great view. It was super close to everything and the staff was awesome. Plus it shares a parking lot with the House of Blues, so we walked like 30 feet one night to go catch some live music. Super convenient.

The House of Blues as seen from the front door of Hotel Sax

More views from the front door of our hotel.

View from our hotel window

 My freshman roommate, Nicole, lives in Chicago so that was the first email I sent after finding out we were going. Fortunately, she and her two darling kiddos were able to meet up with me and we spent Wednesday morning wandering around Millenium Park and the downtown area.

Wednesday was the warmest day. We even described it as "pleasantly cold." We did not use those words on subsequent days.

We forgot to take a picture in the morning so Nicole, being an awesome friend, came back that night so we could take a quick one.
I loved the Cloud Gate so much I went twice! First time with Nicole then again with Aaron.
Love Macy's at Christmas! We looked at the windows then went in and got some Frango mint chocolates. That was a good decision.

After getting yummy deep dish pizza for lunch with Nicole and fam Aaron and I headed over to this gorgeous theater to see Wicked with Aaron's client and his wife and their friends. I've been listening to the music for years but had never seen the play. It was SO fun! We had 5th row seats and it was incredible.

We followed that with a crazy good steak dinner and cocktails and coffee at the Trump Tower (well, Aaron and I had water. The rest of the group had cocktails and coffee). We were feeling pretty darn fancy right about then.

The view from the bar at the Trump Tower

 Thursday included a trip to the Art Institute, an attempt at Navy Pier (Under renovation. Most of the restaurants were closed) and some business related stuff.

It's a bit like being in Paris again. The Impressionists are always my fav!

The bean. With Aaron this time!

Inside the bean. Too trippy for my eyeballs.

At Navy Pier

On Friday we had THE most amazing french toast breakfast at the Conrad where Aaron's client was staying. Of course I attempted to copy it as soon as we got home. Recipe is forthcoming.

We were originally planning on heading to the airport early with Aaron's client and his wife but then we got a few texts about our flight getting pushed back and we decided to stick around the city for a few more hours instead.

They play music!

Thank you, blog commenter who recommended this!
This girl was working a booth at Christkindlmarket calling out, "Candy! Free candy from strangers!" She had the best laugh and we dubbed her the coolest person we met in Chicago. Also, the candy was delicious.

I got a cream cheese filled pretzel. It was warm and delicious.

Aaron and his German food.

O Christmas tree!

Hand-painted ornaments. So pretty!

"At some point I should start to feel warm and just fall asleep, right?"

If Wednesday was "pleasantly cold" then Thursday was "cold" and Friday was "I actually think this might kill me." I don't own any boots meant for truly cold weather and there were a few times when I wondered if my feet would ever be the same. They didn't really thaw until I got home that night and spent 8 hours under my electric blanket cranked up to high.

Beastly cold weather notwithstanding, we had SUCH a lovely time. Chicago is a gorgeous city and we can't wait to go back when the weather is warmer! I desperately want to do the architecture boat tour (doesn't run in winter. Which I get but I'm still sad about) and the Sears Tower and the Navy Pier when it's back up and running, and so much more!


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  1. So glad you got to check out the Christkindlmarket. That was our yearly tradition every Christmas we lived in Chicago, and I'm really missing it this year. Looks like you had a great time all around. Great pictures of the Bean (everything about this post makes me miss that city more).

  2. Yay! I'm so glad you had such a good time! Your photos are gorgeous!


  3. Looks like you had a blast. Now I'm itching to go.


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