Freckles in April: Feeling Very Merry and Bright

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Feeling Very Merry and Bright

Back in October I wrote about how all I wanted for Christmas was donations to Books for Africa. My hope was to see the 9% progress bar doubled to 18% by Christmas. I didn't look at it at all between October and December 25th (I think I was worried it would show no progress and I would feel all dejected) but on Christmas morning I sat down at a computer and pulled it up.

It's at 20% (and still has gone up since I took this screen shot on Christmas)! That not only exceeds my goal but I also got an email from Books for Africa saying that people coming from my blog were donating to other projects as well.

So THANK YOU to friends, family and lovely internet strangers who totally made my Christmas. It was such a wonderful feeling to see that number doubled from October and know that my blog did some good by playing a small part in that.

I hope you all had a very lovely Christmas. Mine was perfect.


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