Freckles in April: Plaid is Rad and Other Haps

Monday, November 25, 2013

Plaid is Rad and Other Haps

First item of business: I found an awesome plaid shirt. And it is $16. And we are currently living happily ever after together.

Second item of business: remember how a year ago we bought a house and did a medium sized renovation on it? Well...we're selling that house. We bought it knowing it would be a short term solution for us. I said 5 years and Aaron said 2, but at the one year mark we started feeling the pinch.

Despite the fact that it's my favorite house we've lived in so far, the office is WAY too small for Aaron and it's not in the school boundaries we want. So we started casually window shopping for houses and stumbled upon something awesome pretty quick. It's a short sale, which means we've got some serious wrangling in our future but we're up to the challenge.

In the meantime I'm doing twice daily PANIC MOPPING for the stream of potential buyers traipsing through our house. I pretty much just follow my boys around with a rag and a broom because I learned the hard way that sometimes agents say, "I'd like to show your house in 10 minutes!" and then their clients show up at the door 5 minutes later while you're still making your bed and possibly not wearing pants.

Know of anyone who needs a 4bd/2ba/2000sf recently updated house in Mesa, AZ? Email me!

Not pregnant. It's sad how many pictures on this blog I've had to put that disclaimer. I just can't stand like a normal person, apparently.

Third item of business: Can we talk about Catching Fire? Because holy crap that was awesome. Like, as soon as it was over I wanted to turn around and yell up at the projector box guy, "AGAIN PLEASE." And settle back in with a fresh batch of popcorn. Also, I loved this article about Peeta.

Fourth item of business: Aside from the possibility of a new house in a new neighborhood, more change is in the wind. I've got a lot on my plate just at the moment and I'm a little stressed but also pretty excited. My life needs a little change. I'm ready.


  1. How unlucky that you're trying to keep the floors mopped the one time it ever rained (and rained and rained). Good luck!

  2. Catching Fire. I'm right there with ya sister.


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