Freckles in April: November 2013

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Choosing the Great Outdoors

As much as I LOVE shopping I try really hard not to get caught up in the consumerism that runs rampant this time of year. When Stinky was a baby we decided on a "Something to wear, something to read, something to play with" rule for Christmas gifts. Our boys get 3 gifts from us plus a stocking from Santa (although this year Disneyland replaced their 3 gifts) and Aaron and I usually only give each other one gift. This vastly simplifies my holiday shopping and I get most of it done early and online so I can spend the holidays just enjoying my family. Aaron usually cuts back on his working hours this time of year too so it's a precious chance to get in a lot of much-needed together time!

I wrote a special post over at Babble about choosing to go outside with your family this weekend instead of shopping the Black Friday sales (and yes, it even includes pictures of my kids).

You can read it right here!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Plaid is Rad and Other Haps

First item of business: I found an awesome plaid shirt. And it is $16. And we are currently living happily ever after together.

Second item of business: remember how a year ago we bought a house and did a medium sized renovation on it? Well...we're selling that house. We bought it knowing it would be a short term solution for us. I said 5 years and Aaron said 2, but at the one year mark we started feeling the pinch.

Despite the fact that it's my favorite house we've lived in so far, the office is WAY too small for Aaron and it's not in the school boundaries we want. So we started casually window shopping for houses and stumbled upon something awesome pretty quick. It's a short sale, which means we've got some serious wrangling in our future but we're up to the challenge.

In the meantime I'm doing twice daily PANIC MOPPING for the stream of potential buyers traipsing through our house. I pretty much just follow my boys around with a rag and a broom because I learned the hard way that sometimes agents say, "I'd like to show your house in 10 minutes!" and then their clients show up at the door 5 minutes later while you're still making your bed and possibly not wearing pants.

Know of anyone who needs a 4bd/2ba/2000sf recently updated house in Mesa, AZ? Email me!

Not pregnant. It's sad how many pictures on this blog I've had to put that disclaimer. I just can't stand like a normal person, apparently.

Third item of business: Can we talk about Catching Fire? Because holy crap that was awesome. Like, as soon as it was over I wanted to turn around and yell up at the projector box guy, "AGAIN PLEASE." And settle back in with a fresh batch of popcorn. Also, I loved this article about Peeta.

Fourth item of business: Aside from the possibility of a new house in a new neighborhood, more change is in the wind. I've got a lot on my plate just at the moment and I'm a little stressed but also pretty excited. My life needs a little change. I'm ready.

Thursday, November 21, 2013



I've spent the past two years whining to anyone who would listen about how I hadn't left the Phoenix area in ages and I was starting to lose my mind. And then I hit Paris, Salt Lake, New York, and California in a 6 month period. Apparently I'm making up for lost time.

In a few weeks Aaron is going on a business trip to Chicago and, because he likes me, he invited me to come along (kid free!!). Five trips in seven months! Is this real life?

So now I'm hitting you all up for Chicago recommendations. We'll only be there for a few days (and Aaron will be spending one of those days working) but otherwise we're pretty wide open. We're staying in the downtown area. Restaurants? Things to see? Things to do?

Also, am I going to freeze to death? And why does googling "Chicago in December" bring up pictures of Justin Bieber?


I also write for Babble! Here's what's new.

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Home Again, Home Again

Aaron kicked my butt.

I really think I would live at Disneyland if I could. It's totally my happy place (which makes the expense of the whole thing that much more insulting). I was so sad to leave on Tuesday afternoon and head home. When we got in the car my 3-year-old started rubbing away tears. "But if we leave Disneyland then I'm going to miss it!" He sniffed, "So much!"

Me too, Bud. Me too.

Chasing bubbles after the Pixar Parade

Thanks for all the tips and advice! I was planning on bringing a stroller for Baby 2 but several people suggested bringing a stroller for BOTH kids, which I hadn't considered. Taking the double stroller ended up being very wise and allowed us to stay a lot later than we otherwise would have been able to. Also, a couple people mentioned their kids were always on the brink of starvation while at Disneyland and we totally saw that on Sunday. We got wise on Monday morning and picked up some snacks on our way to the park which probably contributed to how smoothly Monday and Tuesday went.

And now it's back to real life. Laundry and grocery shopping are top of my to-do list today. And maybe a nap, seeing as we rolled in around midnight and I had to get up super early to get Stinky ready for school. Also, I should probably mop at some point.

I'll be honest- real life is not nearly as fun as Space Mountain.


Interested in being a part of a Babble feature? Read the details here! Hurry though- the deadline is tomorrow!

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DIY ombre jeans. So cute for fall!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Weekend!

Me at Disneyland in 1988

This week has been crazy busy so, until this morning, I haven't had the time to think about the fact that we are going to DISNEYLAND THIS WEEKEND. Aghhhhhh!!!

My kids are dying of excitement. This is their first time going! I feel bad that they haven't had a little more exposure to some of the classic Disney movies but all they really care about is Cars Land, so whatever.

Ratting out my sister to Cinderella.

Now I'm in crazy packing and planning mode and I'm realizing I have done ZERO research into doing Disneyland with kids. I grew up going about once a year but this is my first time as a parent.

Anyone have any tips or tricks or words of advice for taking an almost 6-year-old and a 3 1/2-year-old?

Will Stinky hate me forever if I take him on Space Mountain? Are we going to last until the fireworks at least one night? How cold will we be? I'm still feeling very pants averse- would I be crazy to wear skirts?


Meanwhile, on the Babble:

Easy DIY Ombre Jeans! Perfect for fall!

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