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Monday, October 14, 2013

Drama Club

Since I've already outed myself as a fan of KDrama, then it should probably come as no surprise that I am now WRITING about KDrama. Coco of KDrama Fighting recently asked if Erica and I would be interested in participating in Drama Fever's Drama Club where a group of bloggers write reviews about the episodes from the week.

Erica and I had a little freakout over text message and then asked Coco to submit our names. We were THRILLED when they asked us to not only do Drama Club, but to do Drama Club for HEIRS, which is a pretty big deal in the KDrama world because of Lee Min Ho. That name probably means nothing to you but if you go watch City Hunter on Netflix you'll understand.

The first 2 episodes of Heirs were released on Wednesday and Thursday and my review post went up on Saturday. SO, in the event that KDrama sounds sort of intriguing, here's your chance to jump on in! Watch the first 2 eps over at Drama Fever then read my review (and Erica's! and Vivi's!). And then we can discuss.


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