Freckles in April: Bits and Pieces

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Bits and Pieces

Dress c/o eShakti, booties from Charlotte Russe, necklace from church stuff

1. The huge downside of watching shows on Netflix is that I'm like I AM FILLED WITH FEELINGS ABOUT THIS AND I MUST DISCUSS THEM WITH SOMEONE and everyone else is like, "Eh. I think I had those feelings like 5 years ago when the show originally aired." And then I explode.

 2.  eShakti sent me this dress. As I have come to expect from them, it is absolutely fantastic. Soft, substantial jersey, a perfect fit, and gorgeous details. This is why I keep sending them my money (darn them). I've been a slow adopter to the hi-lo trend since I think it's rarely done well but, on this dress, I love it.

3. Aaron has been watching Walking Dead lately. I saw some .gifs from Walking Dead a couple weeks ago and got nightmares. FROM .GIFS. Aaron has obviously been watching alone.

4. Influenster sent me a Colgate SlimSoft toothbrush to try out a few weeks ago and I have become weirdly passionate about it. I'm not even required to blog about it but I'm doing it anyway because I have had a really hard time finding a toothbrush I love. So if you are worried about your gums because your toothbrush totally abuses them, give a SlimSoft a try.

5. I'm super intrigued by this cleansing conditioner I read about a couple weeks ago. Has anyone tried it? Will I look like a greaseball for ever and ever?

6. The most casual revolution ever. If you're a Les Mis fan I hope you will join with me in thinking this is hilarious. That last line. I die every time.


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  1. Those booties are so cute!

  2. My husband is also watching Walking Dead right now. Also alone. (I am a wimp.)

    What show are you watching on Netflix right now? Binge watching is so great, but I totally get that feeling of just wanting to discuss it. I'm like that right now with Orphan Black, and am basically forcing it on just about anyone I can. So good!

  3. Hehe! That 'Most Casual Revolution Ever' made me smile! I'm watching a show on Netflix that ended ages ago, too! Thankfully, I know a couple people who are watching it, too! :)

  4. That dress looks so glamorous! Without being over the top. And you know me - always willing to try a new beauty product. That conditioner might be exactly what I need.

  5. That dress is gorgeous! And I agree about the Netflix!

  6. Walking dead is the best thing that happened to my husband and I ;) He was watching the first episode of season 1 and I was intrigued and watched with him. We ended up spending many late nights watching all three seasons on netflix over a few days. Now we're so looking forward to watching season 4 together. It's like date night for us.
    Love that dress. Wish they would send me one too ;)
    k at

  7. That dress is amazing! And those shoes, I love. I have my eye on a couple cobalt beauties. Oh the walking dead is addicting, the husband has me mildly preparing for a zombie apocalypse!!

  8. Your hair is seriously killing it.

  9. bahahha that Les Mis thing. Also that dress is super sexy, and I don't ever like the hi-lo (aka mullet) (aka we did this trend in 1999) either. That dress makes it happen. Other also, YOU JUST DESCRIBED MY ENTIRE TV LIFE WITH THAT STATEMENT ABOUT NETFLIX. (I'm also afraid of Walking Dead too.)

  10. Where did you find those shoes!!??

  11. i adore everything about this outfit. so cute!


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