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Tuesday, September 3, 2013


IG of the crazy skies we've been having lately. Monsoon season is the best.

You probably haven't even noticed my radio silence over the past couple weeks but I feel compelled to apologize anyway. My thyroid is off again which means I'm tired and sad and STARVING (I hit a record four breakfasts one day last week) and doing the bare minimum. AKA not blogging at Freckles in April (or cooking. Or mopping). I did see my doc last week and I'm waiting on test results and a medication adjustment. So hopefully I'll be back to myself soon.

In the meantime, Babble is like the Blog That Never Sleeps. Here's what I wrote in August-

Labor Day Sales You Don't Want to Miss (although, seeing as it is now the day AFTER Labor Day, you've probably missed them. Sorry. To be fair, I missed them too. I meant to go shopping but, again, tired, sad and starving. It didn't happen).
3 Style Lessons from My 3-Year-Old 
5 Affordable Rut-Busting Jewelry Pieces (spoiler: I ordered those geometric rings. Super cool)
5 Stylish and Easy DIY Projects You Can Do in an Afternoon
Stylish (and Sturdy!) Hiking Gear You Can Wear in the Great Outdoors
11 Ultra Cute Moccasins to Rock Year Round
Let's SAMBA! Pantone Color for Fall
5 Quick Ways to Jazz Up Your Jeans
12 Head-Turning Dresses from ASOS
10 Stylish Outfits Inspired by Our Favorite Books
Kids Clothes for Fall | Oilily
1 Stylish Mama | Elaine of Clothed Much
80s Fashion Trends You Can Rock Today

I'm very VERY open to suggestions for stuff you might like to see in September. I have exactly zero inspiration at the moment. Any trends you'd like to see me to tackle? Round-ups you'd enjoy? Please share!


  1. Kayla! So, I'm not sure if I'm being extremely self-absorbed right now... Actually, yes, I am but here I go anyway....I know you are mostly a style/food/whatever you want blog but what if you added some stuff for parents, especially young moms who are traversing this rough sea we called motherhood. For example, I need to go to pinterest to look up how to remove crayon from our couch. Also, I always want to know quick, healthy and kid-friendly snacks that they will ACTUALLY eat. (Darn picky eaters). I know that you can find all this on pinterest but it would be really cool if a blog I already follow (like yours) had a tab to parenthood that had all kinds of really cool solutions for the problems mothers (AND FATHERS!) come across, what seems like, daily. Maybe I'm just too absorbed in my own world but this would be really useful to me and I'm sure there has to be at least ONE of your readers that would agree. But! Feel free to kick me in the groin (I heard it really hurts for girls too) and throw my suggestions out the window, if you so please. And hey! throw in a tutorial about how to use "commas" because I suck at it..... jk. (But seriously. Send me an email about it because I know you are the punctuation pro!)

  2. I have a babble suggestion: ways to wear floral pants (or what to wear with them..). The floral pants season may be over (what do I know about fashion?) but I have a pair of floral pants and I always have the hardest time thinking of ways to mix them up and wear them. Poor things have only been worn once or twice because I lack fashion creativity. I need ideas!!

  3. What about ways to dress for fall when it's way too hot for a blazer? We can't be the only place in the Babble reader base that's still too warm for fall clothes.

  4. - how to wear a baggy t shirt and look stylish instead of just looking like you are wearing a giant shirt.
    - what trends to let go of what things to hold on to for the coming seasons. I always try to look at fashion week photos and guess but seriously how does anyone get anything out of that?
    - investment pieces. This is probably my favorite topic lately. Shoes, jackets, jeans, bags, etc.
    - matching with your 4 year old. All of the sudden my daughter and I have a lot of similar clothes. Is that good or bad?

  5. Okay my comment got cut off but I had one more
    - where do yr clothes come from? I have been trying to buy more made in the USA stuff or thriftier stuff because the more I think about where gap gets their clothes the more uncomfortable I get about it. Not saying yu have to do a political piece but I think the fact that American apparel pays their employees a living wage is commendable and I bet there are a lot more local us companies that do the same, etsy is a good resource too. Just a post about some of those companies would be Informative for many people.

  6. Thrifted ! Not thriftier

  7. How about a round-up of great, quality pencil skirts? I find it very difficult to find the perfect-fitting pencil skirt (One that does not sag in the back or bunch up in the front or make me look like I have clown hips, or show too much of my thigh) , and I am pretty much willing to pay any price asked when I do find one that fits well, has timeless style, and is made from high-quality, long-lasting materials. I have had luck at LOFT from time to time, but could use more ideas!


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