Freckles in April: I Joined the PTO

Friday, September 20, 2013

I Joined the PTO

Last week I got all pretty (read: deodorant and dry-shampoo'd hair) and nervously attended my very first PTO meeting. They didn't realize I'm only a pretend grown-up and they didn't kick me out! They even gave me a cookie and a fancy* cup with the school logo on it!

Stinky's school is a total gem and word is starting to get out about it, which is why I sat in their parking lot at 5:45am back on January 7th so he would be at the top of their boundary-exception list. While sitting in the darkened parking lot waiting for the office to open at 7:45, I met a similarly crazy involved mom and we've become friends.

Seeing as she is also crazy involved she went with me to the PTO meeting and we giddily sat together and wrote our names on every sign-up sheet that came our way. While the PTO president talked about the various community-building events they put on throughout the year, my friend and I patted each other on the back over our 2 hour parking lot wait back in January. We're just so. dang. happy. that our kids go to this amazing school full of amazing people.

Yesterday Stinky had school pictures. I spent most of the day randomly bursting into laughter like a crazy person over it. It's just so funny that I have a kid old enough to be undergoing that particular rite of passage when I still feel like such a kid myself.

But here I am. A member of the PTO and a mom who has now paid for my kid's school pictures. I make lunches in the morning and sign permission slips. I organized a carpool. I'm now the one hauling a kid out of bed at 6:40 every morning while he whines about still being tired.

How on earth did I get here??

Our carpool's first time walking to the playground alone. Obviously, I had to take a picture.

*plastic. But like, nice plastic. Stinky is super jealous over it.


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  1. whew, you are all grown up! a kid who goes to school all day? the PTO? i barely feel old enough to be married!

  2. I guess I'm not a grown-up yet...What's the PTO?? Same thing as the PTA, maybe?

  3. Growing up is really weird like that. I keep having thoughts like "when i'm in college" and then having to remind myself I am in fact in college and living away from home...

  4. It made me smile every time you used the nickname Stinky. Also, I support your involved mom-ness!


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