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Friday, September 27, 2013

Blog Love: Katilda

Katie is a newish friend. As I was slowly making my way out of my blogging cave I was a last-minute attendee at the Arizona blogger meetup back in March that she and Camille organized. I promptly fell in love with both of them and have blog-stalked ever since and was very happy to have local blogger friends.

And THEN Katie up and moved to California. Darn her.

I've forgiven her. Sort of. In any event, here are 5 reasons you should be reading Katilda.

1. Writing skillz. You know how there are some blogs you want to like but you just. can't. get past. the writing? Katie's blog isn't like that. She's a writer in real life and that talent bleeds over to her blog. Her writing flows beautifully and she does a fantastic job of making me pea-green with jealousy when she describes her new California neighborhood. She does humor well but she's also not afraid to tackle heavier topics in a way that is very readable. That is the mark of a good writer.

2. Succinct hilarity. As an example: Why isn't corn a vegetable? Do you think corn and Pluto ever hang out and think, "Man, labels."


3. She's open minded. About everything. She got invited to a swim prom and thought, eh, why not? She doesn't judge women in bikinis. She decided she wanted to move to California, so she did (even when her job fell through). I love her "live and let live" attitude and approach toward life. I need to take a page from her book.

4. She's self-deprecating. I've noticed a trend among my very favorite bloggers- they don't take themselves seriously and they're really good at poking light-hearted fun at themselves. Katie is a master at that.

5. The pictures. Katie isn't using a super fancy camera or anything but her pictures are never NOT gorgeous. She moved close to the area where I grew up and now, thanks to her blog, I am DYING to make a trip back there.

See?  I mean, honestly. Plus, did you see that lighthouse pic up there? I need to go to there.

So hop on over and become a fan of Katie. You will not be sad.

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  1. ummmmm THIS IS THE NICEST THING EVER. Seriously you just made my day! I want to print this up and tape it in my journal! And yes...yes come visit the bay area. You are welcome anytime. We can take ambitious iPhone photos the lighthouse.

  2. Such a nice post! I found your blog while searching for a bloggers meetup group in my area, Chandler, AZ. So glad I found you guys! Are there any meet ups coming soon? I'd love to attend!

  3. OH! and find me on!


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