Freckles in April: September 2013

Friday, September 27, 2013

Blog Love: Katilda

Katie is a newish friend. As I was slowly making my way out of my blogging cave I was a last-minute attendee at the Arizona blogger meetup back in March that she and Camille organized. I promptly fell in love with both of them and have blog-stalked ever since and was very happy to have local blogger friends.

And THEN Katie up and moved to California. Darn her.

I've forgiven her. Sort of. In any event, here are 5 reasons you should be reading Katilda.

1. Writing skillz. You know how there are some blogs you want to like but you just. can't. get past. the writing? Katie's blog isn't like that. She's a writer in real life and that talent bleeds over to her blog. Her writing flows beautifully and she does a fantastic job of making me pea-green with jealousy when she describes her new California neighborhood. She does humor well but she's also not afraid to tackle heavier topics in a way that is very readable. That is the mark of a good writer.

2. Succinct hilarity. As an example: Why isn't corn a vegetable? Do you think corn and Pluto ever hang out and think, "Man, labels."


3. She's open minded. About everything. She got invited to a swim prom and thought, eh, why not? She doesn't judge women in bikinis. She decided she wanted to move to California, so she did (even when her job fell through). I love her "live and let live" attitude and approach toward life. I need to take a page from her book.

4. She's self-deprecating. I've noticed a trend among my very favorite bloggers- they don't take themselves seriously and they're really good at poking light-hearted fun at themselves. Katie is a master at that.

5. The pictures. Katie isn't using a super fancy camera or anything but her pictures are never NOT gorgeous. She moved close to the area where I grew up and now, thanks to her blog, I am DYING to make a trip back there.

See?  I mean, honestly. Plus, did you see that lighthouse pic up there? I need to go to there.

So hop on over and become a fan of Katie. You will not be sad.

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Blog Therapy | Post Instagram Pics to a Page

This probably doesn't actually need a tutorial, but someone had to show ME how to do it. So, just in case you're like me and didn't just figure this out on your own, here's your tutorial.

You can easily share your IG pics to your personal Facebook profile, but do you know how to share them to your Facebook page, such as for your blog?

Go into your settings.

Tap "Share Settings"

Tap "Facebook." You'll need to link this to your personal profile if you haven't already done so.

Tap "Share to"...

Tap which page you want to share your IG pics to.


Questions? Comment away.

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Monday, September 23, 2013

Nanananananana BATDAD!

I spent most of last week pretty sick (food poisoning followed by a cold. Really, body?) so we spent our Friday night on the couch watching Lord of the Rings followed by random stuff on YouTube (we party hard). Which is how we found:


Happy Monday!

Friday, September 20, 2013

I Joined the PTO

Last week I got all pretty (read: deodorant and dry-shampoo'd hair) and nervously attended my very first PTO meeting. They didn't realize I'm only a pretend grown-up and they didn't kick me out! They even gave me a cookie and a fancy* cup with the school logo on it!

Stinky's school is a total gem and word is starting to get out about it, which is why I sat in their parking lot at 5:45am back on January 7th so he would be at the top of their boundary-exception list. While sitting in the darkened parking lot waiting for the office to open at 7:45, I met a similarly crazy involved mom and we've become friends.

Seeing as she is also crazy involved she went with me to the PTO meeting and we giddily sat together and wrote our names on every sign-up sheet that came our way. While the PTO president talked about the various community-building events they put on throughout the year, my friend and I patted each other on the back over our 2 hour parking lot wait back in January. We're just so. dang. happy. that our kids go to this amazing school full of amazing people.

Yesterday Stinky had school pictures. I spent most of the day randomly bursting into laughter like a crazy person over it. It's just so funny that I have a kid old enough to be undergoing that particular rite of passage when I still feel like such a kid myself.

But here I am. A member of the PTO and a mom who has now paid for my kid's school pictures. I make lunches in the morning and sign permission slips. I organized a carpool. I'm now the one hauling a kid out of bed at 6:40 every morning while he whines about still being tired.

How on earth did I get here??

Our carpool's first time walking to the playground alone. Obviously, I had to take a picture.

*plastic. But like, nice plastic. Stinky is super jealous over it.


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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Forever Plaid

Kohls shirt, OASAP jacket (c/o), Target leggings, Boutique 9 booties (via Last Chance)

Ok, so it isn't actually cold enough to wear this outfit yet. But I WILL wear it. Because this jacket is amazing and I think it was made to be paired with plaid.

Today at kindergarten pick-up I had sweat literally rolling down my legs and back. It was disgusting. I am so so so over summer. So long, farewell, don't let the door hit you in the butt.

Fortunately, I DO have some trips planned, which helps so much with getting me through this last bit of heat. We're taking the boys to Disneyland (waving goodbye to ALL my money!) the first week of November and I have a girls trip in the works as well. I can do this. I can do this. I can do this.

In other news, on Sunday I got to teach music time in our church's nursery (18 months to 3 years). It's kind of funny that Baby 2 is among the oldest in there. He still seems so little to me but then I was snuggling a sweet little 18 month old and realized, whoa, my baby is NOT a baby anymore! Sniffle.

(EDIT: Babble is doing back end maintenance this morning. If my post isn't showing up try hitting refresh.)

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Friday, September 6, 2013

Blog Love: Everyday Reading

I am obviously a fan of Janssen's. If you hang around Freckles in April for any period of time you'll see her name pop up repeatedly. She's one of my best friends but she also writes a wonderful, useful blog. In honor of her birthday (next week!) here are 5 reasons you should be reading Everyday Reading:

1. Book recommendations. With very few exceptions (I am apparently not such a fan of historical fiction), I have loved every single one of the books Janssen has recommended on her blog. She has a knack for picking out the kind of books that stay with you, inspire you to be better, and make you fall deeply and weirdly in love with fictional teenage boys.

2. Excellent recipes. Historically, Aaron has not been quite so gung-ho about hopping on the healthy eating train as I have been. It's been really nice that Janssen and I decided to make some dietary changes around the same time a couple years ago. I can trust that anything she posts on her blog will be worth my time to make and odds are good that it will also be decently healthy. At the same time, she won't judge you for getting a Sonic shake once or twice a month (...or week). The woman knows the value of a good dessert.

3. She's frugal. You won't see a recommendation for a $97 t-shirt on Everyday Reading. If she posts about a product, you can bet it will be well within your budget (with room to spare).

BABIES, I tell you! From when I flew to Vegas for a whirlwind visit in 2008.

4. She's authentic. I spend a lot of time talking to Janssen. A LOT. Plus we occasionally take trips to visit each other and make our online friendship seem a little less weird. So I can confidently tell you that the person on the blog is the real Janssen. That's her voice, her priorities, her opinions there on the page. Which leads me to-

5. She's honest and has integrity. Janssen and I frequently have discussions about bloggers whose product reviews we can't trust. Some of them openly admit, when you talk off the record, that they didn't love the product they glowingly reviewed on their blog. You won't get that with Janssen. If you see a product or book review on her blog you know you can trust it. She's not afraid to give a so-so or negative review when it's merited.

When we were brainstorming for our Out for a Spin series, we talked about contacting one company for a possible review item. Janssen's blog has seen some really impressive growth over the past year and I'm fairly confident that, had she asked, the company would have been thrilled to work with her. Then I asked her if she could honestly give a potentially negative review to a company that she had contacted first. She said no. We decided we would just use our own hard-earned cash to buy the products for the post so that we would feel free to give unbiased reviews. It's really nice to be friends and collaborate with someone for whom honesty and integrity is such a priority on her blog and in real life.

Now, go add Everyday Reading to your feed reader. You will be mega glad.

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013


IG of the crazy skies we've been having lately. Monsoon season is the best.

You probably haven't even noticed my radio silence over the past couple weeks but I feel compelled to apologize anyway. My thyroid is off again which means I'm tired and sad and STARVING (I hit a record four breakfasts one day last week) and doing the bare minimum. AKA not blogging at Freckles in April (or cooking. Or mopping). I did see my doc last week and I'm waiting on test results and a medication adjustment. So hopefully I'll be back to myself soon.

In the meantime, Babble is like the Blog That Never Sleeps. Here's what I wrote in August-

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I'm very VERY open to suggestions for stuff you might like to see in September. I have exactly zero inspiration at the moment. Any trends you'd like to see me to tackle? Round-ups you'd enjoy? Please share!
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