Freckles in April: I Think I Speak Korean Now

Thursday, August 22, 2013

I Think I Speak Korean Now

At the end of July we took our little fam on a road trip up to Utah for Aaron's family reunion and some quality time with my sister and her family. While I was there I met up with two friends from my freshman year who I haven't seen since...freshman year. We've sort of stayed connected through Facebook and blogging though and decided to have lunch.

While we were standing in line at Zupa's they outed themselves as secret bloggers.

THIS IS MY FAVORITE THING. I feel like blogging is my weird little hobby and when I find out that other people have blogs, it makes my lifetime.

When I asked them what their blog was about they kind of laughed then told me about Korean drama. And that they have a blog all about it. And I was like, "...wait, what?"

Korean dramas are kind of like super-extended (15-20 one hour episodes) movies. There's a lot of romantic comedy oriented ones but apparently there's also mystery and maybe even some action? Not sure, I'm new to this.

All I know is that I am totally hooked. And also I think maybe I speak Korean now because I've heard a LOT of Korean over the past few weeks. And I definitely got Erica in on it too and now I'm getting all these texts from her about KDrama. Keep in mind at 9pm Arizona time is midnight in New York.

At least I'm not weird alone, right?

Although, today I was driving by myself in my car and started laughing like a crazy person over something that happened in an episode of Coffee Prince. So maybe I AM weird alone.

Any secret KDrama fans out there?

PS Lie to Me (the Korean one, not the Fox one) is on Netflix. You know. Just in case you're curious.


  1. Yes!! I knew we would win you over :) So glad you loved Coffee Prince as much as I do.

  2. Welcome to the world of kdramas! I wish I could convince one of my RL friends to watch, but I've had no luck so far.I love Coffee Prince, too. One of the few worth rewatching.

  3. Gahh!! Welcome!! Kdramas are like the best thing ever and everything you said in this I am literally going through right now, I just wish I had some friends who I could obsess over it with :P
    They of course all think I'm weird, but I like to think I was Korean in a past life :)

  4. oooooooooohhhhh my goodness! I've been watching kdramas for a few years now and what's not to love?? But seriously, Coffee Prince is one of my favorites! You should watch Playful Kiss next.... :) that one is my all time favorite. It's a bit over the top (and some people find it frustrating at times but) the mom is hilarious.

  5. I enjoy kdramas. I agree with everyone, Coffee Prince is good. I also enjoyed I Love Kim Sam Soon. And Goong is a cute one. is a good resource (I get my spoilers if I can't watch) and is like Netflix but all about kdramas. Jdoramas (Japanese dramas) are cute too, if you want to branch out. Hana Kimi, Nodame Cantabile and Gokusen are really cute comedies. I glory in my dorkness.

  6. I had never even heard of Korean drama until Thursday when a bunch of my book club buds were talking about how into it they are.I think it's kind of weird that just after that conversation you posted this.

  7. LOL...I am DYING!!!! I have a really good friend who would watch KDramas while we worked at our desks in a super stuffy corporate office. Xai was always in a good mood and never seemed to notice the drama taking place on a nearly daily basis because she was secretly watching KDramas on her phone that was tucked juuuuuuust out of sight next to her computer monitor. Sounds like I need to give them a whirl. Loved this post!

  8. I'm so happy to see that we weren't the only secret drama watchers out there! And believe me, I have had plenty of times where I'm laughing by myself about something I saw in a show and then my husband walks in and just shakes his head in confusion.

  9. Is it weird that this makes me proud? Well it does.

  10. Ok....ok. Just in the last week I've met two different girls who are totally into Korean dramas. Whhha? This is a thing? I'm probably curious enough to check out at least one episode. We'll see what goes down from there....

  11. Hey I found you in the Dramafever Dramaclub for Heirs. Nice to know that you got into kdramas. It reminds me how sometimes I try to get my real life friends into watching kdramas.

  12. Hey I found you through the Dramfever Heirs Dramaclub. Glad you got into kdramas.


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