Freckles in April: First Day

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

First Day

Last Wednesday my little Stinky woke up, put on brand new clothes, picked up his shiny new backpack, and headed off to his first day of kindergarten.

Aaron, Stink and I went to meet his teacher on Monday evening and I ended up wearing my sunglasses around inside the building for a while. I looked like an idiot but better an idiot than the fool mom blubbering her way through Meet the Teacher night. I couldn't even talk to his teacher when we finally met her. I knew if I opened my mouth I would lose it (she was just so nice and so darling) so I smiled and walked awkwardly away so I could sit in the corner and try to get a handle on my emotions.

On Tuesday night we had a little "Yay Kindergarten!" party for Stinky and two of his neighborhood friends who also started kindergarten on Wednesday.

The kids LOVED it. The noise in our house reached pretty epic proportions while the kids had a balloon battle. At one point we realized the dads had removed themselves to Aaron's office and closed the door, leaving the moms to manage the chaos alone. So we "forgot" to tell them when we got out the ice cream and cookies for dessert and they missed out. Oops.

Stinky had a fantastic first day (except for the part where mom didn't realize pick-up was early on the first day. Mom guilt!!) and he adores his teacher. His brother, however, is struggling a bit.

He doesn't know the word "bored" but that's what he is. His brother is his best friend and they are used to playing together all day every day. He's not sure how to entertain himself when Stinky is gone! Poor guy. Fortunately, I had some last-minute luck and found a preschool with openings so he'll have SOMETHING to do with his days.

And that means that BOTH my children are in school at least a couple hours a day.


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    1. *cheers for your response to the dads* ;)

      Also, what a sweet little brother. So happy for him (and you!!) that he gets some school, too!

    2. I love that you "forgot" to mention the cake. Also, cute map place mats!

    3. aww, poor little baby 2! he's such a cutie, curled up in the laundry basket.

    4. Aladdin meme = best ending to a blog post. Possibly ever.


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