Freckles in April: Breaking Up with My Chemicals: Using Dr. Bronner's

Friday, August 2, 2013

Breaking Up with My Chemicals: Using Dr. Bronner's

I've never been particularly devoted to one body wash or another. Whatever was on sale and smelled nice was good enough for me!

A while back Aaron heard about Dr. Bronner's and, never one to do things halfway, ordered the largest bottle of the peppermint liquid soap. He loved it from the get-go and uses it for his shampoo AND body wash but it took me longer to climb on board. It's kind of intense if you don't dilute it (you can, but you don't have to) and I was happy with whatever body wash was sitting in my shower at the time.

Then, I started cutting out chemicals. My body wash was easy to ditch- I already had a much better alternative waiting for me in the shower!

Unfortunately, Dr. Bronner's is super drying for me (even my coconut oil routine is no match for it) so I've opted for a minimalist washing approach- "pits and bits" is how I've seen it referred to in various beauty forums. I occasionally bust out my loofah for a full body scrub when I feel like I need it but otherwise? Minimal works just fine for me. It certainly cuts down on my shower time and my skin seems healthy and happy.

The nice thing about Dr. Bronner's is that it's super multi-functional. You can also use it as....


I know! Gross! It's like washing your mouth with soap!

But it's actually not so bad, especially since we buy the peppermint soap. The aftertaste takes some getting used to but my teeth feel squeaky clean and I feel good that I'm cutting out two chemical-laden products with one organic stone. One or two drops on your toothbrush, scrub scrub and done!

Have you used Dr. Bronner's? Have you tried it for laundry? I'm kind of scared to attempt it! I'm having flash backs to our flooded laundry room 6 months ago....

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  1. We use Dr. Bronner's at our house for all sorts of things. I clean the floors with it, I've used it for laundry (about 1/8-1/4 of a cup depending on dirtiness), in the shower and as bubble bath :) I have never used it as toothpaste though ... that might be beyond me having grown up in a house where soap in the mouth was a bad, bad thing.

  2. I've been trying to cut out all the nasties like parabens and sulfates too, but I've yet to use Dr Bronners. Heard raves about it, but I don't think I could handle the toothpaste use of it. woooooo!

  3. Dr. Bronner's is my JAM. I use that stuff for everything! Showers, baths, dog bath, mopping, dusting, it's legit. To mop with it I just get a bucket full of steaming hot water and dump a few squirts in. You don't need much and I promise you there will be no sticky film when you're finished. For dusting I just fill the sink with hot water, a squirt of soap, and use an old rag. I rinse the rag every few swipes and wring it out really good then wipe down all my furniture and doodads. I've used the lavender and almond scent, sounds like peppermint is my next bottle!

  4. i got kirk's castile soap in bar form b/c the liquid version is much pricier, and then i've seen recipes (right word?) for making a liquid soap out of it. and it can be used for the shower, for hands, and maybe even dishes. i've yet to use it tho b/c i had a ton of other bar soap (dove) sitting in my closet and i couldn't just throw it away. zero waste!

    also, brush yo' teeth with baking soda. it whitens them as it cleans. :)

  5. ive been thinking about my shower chemicals lately and so glad yiu vrought this up! I'l have to look into it as a toothpaste tho. what about baking soda?

  6. i had totally forgotten about this stuff! we used to take it camping because its a) multipurpose and b) easy on the environment. i used to love it! thanks for the reminder :)

  7. I love dr bronners. We use it a lot too but I have never been brave enough to use it for toothpaste. I just buy the sulfate free fluoride free kind at whole foods. My mom has been brushing her teeth with coconut oil and baking soda a few times a week though and says it helps a lot with sensitivity. I am going to try it it when we get home from our very extended Utah vacation.

  8. Ditto the commenters that clean with castille soap. I have only used the almond scent of Dr. Bronners (I mix it with a ton of water in a spray bottle and use it for just about everything around the house), but I want to try some from Oregon Soap Company next. They have a lemongrass ginger and a few citrus scents that sound like they'd be awesome.

  9. Toothpaste! Fascinating! And, "pits and bits." That slogan is a win. I'm adding this to my list of "things to look into."

  10. Dr. Bronners is my favorite soap ever! I've been using it since I can remember! I love to buy the unscented big bottle and use it for EVERYTHING. House cleaning, multi-purpose cleaning, mopping, laundry, dishes, washing the dog or the car, shampoo, body wash, bubble bath... You name it! And I plan to use it as baby wash too, after this little babe comes out. If I want it scented, I just add a couple drops of any essential oil I feel like, or a few squirts of lemon juice (for surface cleaning, etc). I love love love it and I could NOT say enough good things about that miracle stuff!

  11. I use it for cloth wipe spray (waaay diluted with water) but that's it right now, although I've been meaning to expand its uses! Also, I've been doing the "minimalist" body washing for awhile now out of laziness, so now I feel totally legitimized.


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