Freckles in April: Style Challenge Link-Up

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Style Challenge Link-Up

Welcome to the first Freckles in April Style Challenge link-up! The prompt for this round was to take something from your inspiration board and DO IT!

Here was my inspiration:

My hair is super boring in the summer. The heat saps any desire I have to get creative and I pretty much stick to loose curls for church + anything I need to look nice for and a bun for everything else.

When I saw this on Pinterest I thought, "Hm, I should really try that."

Plus I have a chambray shirt that Aaron has started referring to it as my "safety blanket shirt" because, when in doubt, it's what I reach for.

I just really like it, ok?


Anyway, here's what I did with it-

Target shirt, DownEast Basics skirt (old), American Eagle for Payless moccs (why yes, I AM wearing these into the ground), headscarf from fabric a friend gave me, necklace c/o Hello Fab.

Loving my new necklace c/o Hello Fab! I recently did her blog design and she sent me a necklace to say thanks. Because she is sweet like that.

It felt a bit turban-y but it felt like it kicked my outfit up a notch. I wear this skirt with this top pretty much all the time (safety blanket shirt + safety blanket skirt), so a fresh take was welcome.

Remember: You've only got 3 days to link up below! I'll be changing the prompt on the Style Challenge page this Sunday. So check over there if you want to participate in the next link-up on July 31!

Did you participate? Let's see it!

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  1. i like it! the headscarf looks fabulous with the chambray.

  2. So cute, Kayla! Love the whole look. And that necklace is amazing. Thanks for hosting!

  3. Wow. That looks great!
    I am in love with those twisted turban style headband things, and I have an old scarf that I could use to make one, buuuuut...I am such a chicken to try something new!!

  4. You look really cute with the headband scarf. I love that whole look! Thanks for doing a link-up.


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