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Sunday, July 28, 2013

From the Archives: Final Wishes

Pretend I'm dead.

Still true. I want gluten. Lots and lots of gluten!


A sweet older lady from my church passed away this week. Due to the rather large numbers of grandchildren and great grandchildren that will be attending the funeral I was asked to provide some cupcakes for the funeral luncheon. While I was mixing and pouring and whatnot, I got to thinking.

If I die, I want a completely ridiculous dessert table at my funeral. Like, dig up my recipe binder and make every single thing in the dessert section and maybe even skip the actual luncheon part so everyone has enough room for lots of dessert. Funerals should be a reflection of what mattered to the person in life, right? So have a short, Christ-centered service with lots of beautiful music by people who can actually sing. Follow that up with a massive dessert party decorated with pictures of my babies. And..that about sums up my life.

Also, while eating the desserts at my post-departure dessert party you must take bites and, even if it's not true, say things like, "You know, this is a dang good brownie but Kayla made them better." And everyone else will nod all solemnly and someone needs to say, "Yep, I reckon she shore did" (because for some reason there are hillbillies at my funeral in my daydreaming). And I will beam down on you from above.

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  1. That sounds like my perfect funeral too, complete with random hillbillies. Keep these archive posts a-comin'!

  2. I've never met you, but now I think we'd be best friends. ;)

  3. I'll do you one better and eat lots of dessert tonight, and think about how you probably would have made it better ;)

  4. Gllllluten. Brownies exist without that nonsense....I think you need some gluten-free baked goods in your life.

  5. I have told my family members on multiple occasions that I want a jumping castle at my funeral. That way, all of the little kids will remember me as a dead, but awesome old lady.


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