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Friday, July 19, 2013

Blog Love: Alt Design Blog

Whether or not you've ever attended, I'm sure you're probably at least vaguely familiar with Alt Summit, the annual design and blogging conference that takes place in SLC (though they've since expanded and have a couple other conferences in different locations). Every year my Instagram and Twitter erupts with seriously envy-inducing photos and snippets. They aim to be the "definitive resource for the very serious business of beautiful, brilliant blogging."

Five reasons you should add the Alt Design Blog to your reader:

1. There is a fantastic team behind it. The bloggers behind Alt are all long-time bloggers with more talent in their little fingers than I can hope to accumulate in my whole life. When there's that much talent gathered in one place, you should probably go and learn.

2. You can be a part of that team. They accept submissions! If you're a designer, blogging guru, photographer, etc. and have wisdom to share with the world, they can help you do that.

3. It's pretty. I know aesthetics don't matter to some people but to me? It matters. A blog with useful content that is also pretty? Goldmine.

4. They introduce you to great new blogs. I'm in the market for new blogs at the moment and I've loved every single one that Alt has directed me to. They're all beautiful, useful, or both.

5. High usefulness factor. This, for me, is actually reasons 1-5. None of the other stuff matters when you find something that is so full of things you can use. When I first subscribed I was looking at posts on my phone and kept marking them as saved so I could come back to them later on my desktop. I'd read through the first paragraph and think, "OH! This is something I need for my blog!" Content creation tips, writing ideas, tricks for better photography and photo styling- they have it all.

(also, they give away tickets to Alt Summit. Hopehopehopehope....)

If you're looking at creating a prettier, better blog, Alt Design Blog is one you'll want to look at!

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  1. I haven't been following the Alt Summit blog, thanks for the suggestion!


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