Freckles in April: Babble Roundup

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Babble Roundup

A bit of sidewalk art I stumbled upon (literally) at BYU last week
Thank you thank you thank you to everyone for reading and sharing my posts over at Babble! I had a really great first month and have learned a lot. I also really appreciate the post suggestions! It's hard writing with such a narrow focus, so it's nice to know what people want to see. Keep 'em coming!

Here's what I wrote in July:

Fashion Trends: Love It or Leave it?
5 Questions to Ask When Cleaning Out Your Closet
Back to School Gear for Kids
8 Ways to Wear a Tube Skirt
15 Trendy Geometric Jewelry Pieces
How to Wear Faux Leather (and Not Look Like a Biker)
6 DIY Skirts for All Skill Levels
Shade is Going Out of Business! Clearance Alert!
21 Dreamy White Dresses for Summer (and Beyond!)
13 Stylish Companies that Give Back
8 Great Weekender Bags for Under $120
Take Another Look | 12 Things to Pick Up from Delia's
6 Quick 4th of July Outfits
11 Swimsuits for Mom Bods

PS Don't forget! Freckles in April Style Challenge link-up is TOMORROW! Get the prompt right here.

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