Freckles in April: The Fathers in My Life

Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Fathers in My Life

I'm surrounded by awesome fathers.


Aaron works from home but he's always willing to take a couple minutes out of the middle of the day to snuggle with our boys or take a look at the block tower they've been building all morning. He throws them around, much to their delight, and sings Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on request. He sits down to draw with them and doesn't get mad when Baby 2 scribbles all over his masterpieces.

My dad is awesome.
With Stinky, his first grandbaby! (2008)
My dad was the kind of dad who gave horsey rides and danced with his daughters to Tom Petty. He cried when I told him I was pregnant. He took more pictures and video than I did of that kid's first year of life. My boys adore him as much as I do.

Aaron's dad (also with Stinky, also his first grandbaby)

I know Aaron's dad was an amazing father because of how Aaron turned out. And now he's the type of grandfather who keeps change in his pockets because my boys love to "steal" it. He lets my boys climb all over him in the pool and buys them way too many toys at Christmastime. My boys often declare him (and Grandma Sharan) their best friend.

To the wonderful men in my life: Happy Father's Day!

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  1. Your little boys are adorable! I think grandpas are one of the greatest gifts around. Aren't their antics terrific? Keeping change in his pocket so the boys can take it- so cute. They've gotta love it! I hope y'all had a terrific day!


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