Freckles in April: Summer Sandals Under $20

Monday, June 3, 2013

Summer Sandals Under $20

I've put myself on a shopping freeze for a while with one exception: I am in dire need of a new pair of summer sandals.

I've been wearing out the same pair for about three years now (you can see them here). They were $5 on clearance at Charlotte Russe and I loved those suckers. They still looked awesome except the other day I went to pull them on and one of the straps snapped in an unfixable sort of way.

Weeping. Wailing. Etc.

Since then I've been on the hunt. My friend, Shawna, was here over Memorial Day and I dragged her around to like...four? five?...different places and tried on a million pairs of sandals but had no luck. The fit was off or they weren't wide enough for my wide-ish feet or, mostly, they were more than I wanted to spend.

I just want a cute pair of sandals under $20, ok?

This is where the Internet comes to the rescue:

ONE on sale $14.99 | A nice, basic studded sandal. I've had good luck with the American Eagle brand at Payless.

TWO $17.50 | Coral + gold? Sold. Also available in a bunch of different colors (search the sandal section)

THREE $19.50 | The metal t-strap is a fun addition. Also, it feels kind of anchor-ish. Which I like!

FOUR $19.80 | I actually tried these on the other day and loved them. EXCEPT. I need a half size. Why does no one carry half sizes???

FIVE $9.99 on sale | Under $10 and comes in 5 colors!

SIX $19.50 | This is one I'd have to try on but I think it might be awesome.

SEVEN $17.50 |  A classed up flip-flop.

EIGHT $19.99 | If it drives you crazy to have something between your toes, these are a good option. The shape is like a pared down Saltwater and it comes in four colors.

NINE $19.99 | I tried on a (much pricier) beaded sandal like this one earlier this week and loved it. I'd like to try this one on!

TEN $16.99 | The colors here totally grabbed me. Bonus: it's really well reviewed on Target's website!

Alright, wise blog friends, which ones should I get? I'm kind of leaning toward 1, 5, 9 or 10 (which doesn't actually narrow it down all that much). Thoughts?

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  1. I'd narrow it down further to either 5 or 9. Both are super cute and would go with lots!

  2. I have 10 in the gold glitter color. I love them! I have seen the turquoise in the store and they look great! I wear mine all the time with no problems at all. I am even considering a second pair.

  3. 5. Those are my fave and I'm off to check out the link!! Thanks for shopping for me.

  4. I like ten but nine are probably my favorite. And fyi have been wearing the same pair of saltwaters for almost ten years now, and I got them at the thrift store so who knows how old they are, and they still look practically new. Sometimes real leather is worth it.

  5. Well, I just ordered 5 a few days ago and have been thinking about 10, so I say one of those. You have excellent taste.

  6. Thank you for showing affordable options! I hate clicking on a link for something cute and finding out it's $200. Going to payless to get #5 today! Looks like it's a favorite :)


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