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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Open to Interpretation

Erica really threw us for a loop this round when she sent us the link to this-

I was really excited about this but also totally stumped. My clothing has become nothing if not predictable but I couldn't think of much that I could choose from my current closet that would qualify as unpredictable.

Then I remembered how, after this post, I basically got a lot of comments and emails like "Leggings are totally pants. And also, you're an idiot."

SO. I swallowed my pride and attempted an attitude change. I wore leggings as pants. Look at me! I'm growing!

Old Navy shirt, Target leggings (old), Arizona Jeans boots, American Eagle necklace

I wore it. Doesn't mean I was comfortable in it.

Can we at least agree that semi sheer leggings aren't pants? Maybe? No? I'm a grumpy old lady? Ok.

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  1. Um, perhaps I'm late to the pants vs leggings party, but I'm going to say it anyway. Leggins are not pants. They are leggings. They can be paired with short dresses, long tunics, or deliciously oversized sweaters, but they are not pants. From these photos it looks like all of your, um, bits were covered, so perhaps the shirt counts as a tunic? I dunno. But I am strictly and forever in the Pants Are Not Leggings camp.


    1. I am with you on this, heidikins. Leggings are NOT pants, they are thick tights. People just look like they've forgotten to put on a skirt or shorts when they wear them with a short top. This shirt is fairly long but still, leggings are not pants.

  2. haha you did indeed blog about this today! And I went back and looked and remembered that I had seen/commented on your other post about it. I'm glad you took the leap! I just love leggings. I hate to be restricted. I do wear real pants, but they are not my true love. Too much structure. Also, I think you're rocking it. You should go for some patterned ones. I'm a big fan. Alsssso, I can be in your camp about sheer leggings. Nobody should wear sheer pants, be they any level of spandex or not.

  3. yay! leggings + tunics are thee best! and yeah, sheer or semi-sheer leggings are NOT pants. i'm with you there.

  4. whatev. you can pull it off!! looking fantastic as ever and always.

    I just read a ranty post getting angry at ladies for wearing tunics as shirts --- hello my ENTIRE pregnancy with Theo.

  5. This made me laugh. I'm definitely on the leggings-are-not-pants side, so maybe I'm a crotchety old lady too?


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