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Friday, June 28, 2013

On Hold

We're at a weird, in-between stage of life. We have two kids and we know we want one more, which feels a bit like being put on hold on the phone, but the hold music is super pleasant and you're not sure you're ready to be taken OFF hold, you know?

About six months after Baby 2 was born we decided it was time for a new car. Two adults plus two car seats meant we were a bit squeezed in my little 4-door sedan and we were ready to graduate to something with more room. Bigger, but not all the way to a minivan or, heaven forbid, an SUV (Aaron is morally opposed. Don't get him started).

I did research. There were extensive spreadsheets involved. We ended up test-driving two and hating one. And thus we bought a Kia Sorento.

Campin' with the Kia
I'll be honest...30 Rock did factor at least partially into our car decision. There's this one episode where Jack and Liz go to Stone Mountain, Georgia on business and, after getting verbally assaulted in a bar, Jack stands up and says, "Come, Lemon! To the Kia Sorento!" And, obviously, we (I) have to work that one in as often as possible.

"Come, Aaron! To the Kia Sorento!"

"Come children! To the Kia Sorento!"

"Come groceries, to the Kia Sorento!"

We really do love it though. It's perfect for where we're at in life. There's plenty of room for both my kids plus a friend in the middle (if I'm feeling like the fun mom who lets her kids bring a friend places). And knowing I can fit three kids back there makes me feel all kinds of prepared for when the hold music comes to an end.

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  1. AnonymousJune 28, 2013

    We bought a Kia Sorento back in 2011. It had hail damage but otherwise was completely tricked out with all the bells and whistles. I've really enjoyed owning ours and have taken it on a few trips.

    Didn't know about the 30 Rock episode, but that is too funny. I'll be saying it now I'm sure!

  2. I'll think I will now be declaring "Come Husband! To the Kia Sorrento!" at every opportunity.

    I drive an X-Terra. *sigh*

  3. my favorite part of that episode is when tracy is obsessed w/ celebrities dying in threes and calls up betty white. also, there is an actual stone mountain, ga (it's both the town and the mountain) and it has the COOLEST light shows my 10-year-old self had ever seen.

  4. Sometimes I feel like I need to stop commenting on your blog and saying " me tooooooo" !! But I love 30 rock and I/ we are stuck in the two kid phase and not quite ready to make the jump ( the longer we put it off the easier its getting for my husband to convince me two is the perfect number though). My husband drives an SUV though. I just walk everywhere.

  5. Cannot even imagine a life yet where I take other kids in my car! You are old ;)

  6. People who quote thirty rock are my favorite.


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