Freckles in April: Paris: Sunday

Friday, May 31, 2013

Paris: Sunday

Warning: This is a LONG post. Apparently this was the day when I decided to take a million pictures and videos.

Yesterday I confessed to eating a burger in Paris. My confession today is probably even worse:

I had breakfast at a McDonald's in Paris.

To be fair, their display cases look like this:

Parisians have macarons in their McDonalds. We have the McRib.

On Sunday morning we woke up ready to tackle the Eiffel Tower and quickly discovered that the boulangerie on the corner by our hotel was closed on Sundays. We wandered the streets for a bit trying to find some breakfast but...nada. Until we saw the golden arches a block from our Metro stop.

My stomach was really starting to feel the effects of all the sugar and pastries at this point so it was actually kind of nice to find a non-sugar filled breakfast option (which is quite rare in Paris. They firmly believe that your day should begin with a pain au chocolat and a coffee). But I was still kind of ashamed.

We hopped on the Metro and popped out at the foot of the Eiffel Tower again. This time we joined the hordes waiting in line to ascend.

The line wasn't terrible. We waited for about an hour, I think.

Watching the elevator come down as we waited to board

Here it comes...

Giant elevator apparatus
We totally thought this was a real person at one point. Very relieved it was a dummy.
Cuddling with strangers

Here's a video of the ascent-

We took an elevator to the second level, where I took another video (and stupidly forgot to turn my phone. Sorry)-

The second level felt pretty high up there. Nikki was a little nervous but I was fine. And THEN we boarded the second elevator to go to the very tip top. Urgh. That is one freaky elevator ride. But the view from the top was amazing.

Sent this pic to Aaron and told him I found him a souvenir. Except it was 2,50 euro, which is like $3.50 and I just couldn't bring myself to pay that much. My cheapness prevails, even when it comes to Parisian condoms.

Click to enlarge
Then, we went back down. And because I was video happy this day, I have a clip. Which is, again, not turned the proper direction.

Back down to the second level. My legs firmed up again.

Click to enlarge

Back on terra firma, my mom wandered off to find a mailbox to send a post card to my uncle. My sister and I took more pictures.

Then we bought tickets for the BatoBus, which is a hop-on hop-off boat that takes you to different stops along the Seine. Due to crazy river flooding we couldn't get all the way to the Notre Dame stop but it got us most of the way there and we hoofed it ("limped it" would probably be more accurate) the rest of the way.

Gives you an idea of the flooding.

Notre Dame was amazing. As you might imagine. Our museum passes included a Notre Dame tour, so we waited in line for a while for that. Turns out it wasn't an inside tour of Notre Dame, just a pass to go up yet another awful staircase to the top levels. Which was still cool but we were really hoping for a guided tour of the inside. Oh well.

After ascending then descending the crazy Notre Dame staircase, we visited the Crypte Archeologique. My pictures are all kind of dark but it did my anthropology loving heart good. There are some cool ruins from the early city down there.

As we were leaving, the bells started playing. You guys. I HEARD THE BELLS OF NOTRE DAME. As you might imagine, there were some emotions. Here are a couple videos so you can also hear the bells of Notre Dame.

And THEN (I know, this was the longest day ever), we walked over to the Marais in search of Victor Hugo's house.

The Marais was ridiculously charming. As we walked across the bridge and into the district we could hear drums and see some people gathered up ahead.  Turns out, it was a parade of sorts. With drums. And dancing. And there were security people on roller blades. And it was ridiculously awesome.

We stopped at a chocolate shop where I fell in love with sesame seeds in chocolate.

It was a really nice afternoon. By all accounts, it was the first one Paris had seen all year. So when we hit Place des Vosges, it was PACKED.

I used my handy dandy Pocket Earth app to navigate us to Victor Hugo's abode. I think it's a museum but of course it was after 5pm so it was closed. At least we got to see it!

After dinner we made our way over to the Eiffel Tower again for the night time view. Totally worth braving the frosty temperatures and sore feet.

Apparently the Parisians hate the sparkling lights but the tourists sure love it! When they first went on at 10pm you could hear gasps from all around us.

The lights turn out for something like 5 minutes. The second they were over we dragged our frozen behinds to the Metro and collapsed into bed at the hotel.

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  1. These recaps are so awesome. Thanks for sharing - it really looks like a wonderful & amazing trip.

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