Freckles in April: Paris: Getting There

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Paris: Getting There

We began with a pre-trip trip to the airport on Wednesday night. Aaron's parents were returning from a long trip home to Hawaii and I had to take their car back to the airport so they could get themselves home at midnight. Mom and I caravaned over, dropped off my mother-in-law's car, then swung over to the arrivals terminal to pick up Nikki, fresh in from Utah.

It took us about 11 tries but I finally got a picture with both of us in it. Nikki's arms-length photography is about a million times better than mine. As you shall see.

I kidnapped Nikki and brought her to my house so we could do her nails. I've recently discovered, and become totally converted to, nail stickers. (Aaron's response to this: "Fashion is so weird."). I did mine the night before and got some for Nikki as well.

If ever there was a time for fancy nails, a girls trip to Paris is it.

Me: Robin's egg. Nikki: glitter gradient

Manicure accomplished, I took Nikki over to my parents' house. As my mom, dad, brother, sister and I sat chatting, I realized something. "Hey...this is the first time it's been just the five of us in...a really long time." We decided it's probably been over 8 years since it's been just the original Petersons. We adore the spouses and children that the years have brought us, but there was something sweet about being with just us five for an hour or two.

Grainy commemorative photograph
We stayed up way too late before I finally headed home. I only got a couple hours of sleep before my alarm went off at 4am.

I mentioned before that flying standby with mom can be a bid of a rodeo and Thursday was no exception. Our flight from Phoenix to Charlotte filled up at the last minute so we hopped on a plane to Dallas/Forth Worth instead and THEN to Charlotte.

Layover at DFW. One leg down!
On one of the legs. Couldn't even begin to guess which one. I was in the middle seat for all of them.

After a quick layover in Charlotte, we boarded our flight to Paris. It was all kinds of fancy. We got super lucky and were able to upgrade to Envoy class. We were probably the most annoyingly picture-happy and loudly excited people ever. I'm actually a really nervous flier (woke up panicking in the night for weeks before this trip. Thought about canceling more than once) but with so much space I didn't feel claustrophobic or super panicky. I had a few heart-racing moments upon take-off but otherwise I was totally fine.

Looks like all I need is tons of money so I can fly first class all the time and I'll be just fine!


Leg room! And a tv! And a reclining seat!

Pretty sister.

Oh, you know, just chillin'

A little pano of my seat. Click to embiggen.

This was the appetizer. THE APPETIZER. It wasn't half bad.
I had hoped that sleeping in Envoy class (after only 2 hours sleep and with a sleeping pill, no less) would get me a good, deep sleep but...alas. I think I got a fitful 4ish hours and ended up watching movies the rest of the time. Still can't complain though. Every time the flight attendants came by to offer me orange juice I was like, "I love my life."

A little early morning reading.
Don't you kind of want to backstroke through this?
Good morning! Only 50 minutes until landing!!

And then...we landed in PARIS!!

(more obnoxiously loud and excited tourist noises ensued)

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  1. AnonymousMay 28, 2013

    So fun! My daughter and I went to Paris recently. It was amazing! I'm loving the first class seats. I'm a terrible flyer, but it's not b/c I'm anxious, more because I get sick and I never know if it's going to be a good flight or a bad one.

  2. ooo! i am jellin! maybe one day i'll fly in first class, but i highly doubt it. and all you peterson women have the bluest, most gorgeous eyes! wow!

  3. Told a friend of mine how I always want to bounce around in the clouds. He said, "you know they aren't solid. You'd fall right through." Thank you.


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