Freckles in April: I Am a Mother

Sunday, May 12, 2013

I Am a Mother

This morning my 5-year-old son proudly presented to me a small, rectangular gift, carefully wrapped in petal pink paper. He's been almost vibrating with excitement since his preschool trip to As You Wish a few weeks ago, desperate to tell me what he'd made but determined to keep it a secret until Mother's Day.

When I unwrapped the tile with his little handprint immortalized in red paint, he excitedly asked, "Is it what you've wanted for your whole life??" Aaron and I laughed and I assured him that it was exactly what I have been wanting my whole entire life.

A beat later I realized that was true. As a teenager I didn't particularly like children all that much, but still I knew I wanted to be a mother. I've always known. And after I unwrapped his sweet gift this morning I thought, "I'm here. This is where I've always wanted to be." Years ago I looked forward to tissue paper flowers and hand print tiles and getting sung to at church by the children. I wanted sticky kisses and midnight drinks of water and stumbling about the house with a child wrapped around each leg. I prayed for early morning cuddles and dinosaur noises and afternoons at the park.

I've spent a long time looking forward to receiving a messily painted hand print tile on Mother's Day. Today I am filled with gratitude that these days have come and that, as hard as they are, I am enjoying every moment of them.

To all the future/current/hopeful/prayerful/strong/struggling/exhausted/contented mommies-

Happy Mother's Day.

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  1. This is so sweet!

  2. This is so very sweet. Thank you for sharing and taking me back to those precious moments as well with little ones :). Happy Mother's Day to you!!

  3. Yep. Pretty much exactly this, dinosaur noises and all.

  4. Oh this was beautiful!

  5. lovely voicing of my thoughts exactly. it's hard, but i love every minute of my crazy two boys.

  6. This is lovely, and I adore his quote.


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