Freckles in April: Fashionably Flexible Packing for PARIS with HP & Intel

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Fashionably Flexible Packing for PARIS with HP & Intel

I'm going to Paris in SIXTEEN DAYS. Most mornings I wake up thinking, "ParisParisParisPariiiis!" I've been mentally packing my suitcase for weeks.

Packing for vacation is never easy but, when you travel with my mom, it gets even harder. My mom works for a major airline which means we can fly standby on the cheap. The downside of flying standby is that we're not guaranteed seats and we have to be super flexible! We've learned that it's best to not check bags since we frequently end up changing flights and sometimes our bags fly away without us.

So, I'm going to Paris for 5 days (plus a day of travel) with only a carry-on.

Anything that goes with me has to be versatile and able to pull double or triple duty. Here's what I'm (tentatively) bringing-

1. Everlane tee- this can be worn alone if it's warm enough or as a layer under my button-ups if it's cooler. It also hang-dries nicely if I have to do a sink wash.

2. Target Denim Shirt- I LOVE this shirt and wear it constantly. It's soft but sturdy and wrinkle resistant. I love the sleeves rolled a bit but I can roll them down if it's cold!

3. Soft white button down (old, from ATL)- I've had this shirt for ages. It's loose and flattering and the fabric naturally has a bit of texture to it, so packing wrinkles are less visible.

4. AG Jeggings (similar, but I got mine from Hautelook)- The major upside to quality denim is that I could wear these every single day for a week and there would be nary a hint of saggy knees. These jeans retain their shape remarkably well (and make my behind look rather fantastic, if I do say so myself).

5. Stretchy tube skirt (no longer available, but here's a longer version)- I'm a little worried about bringing this skirt (stains are so much more visible on solid colors!) but it packs up small and is so ridiculously comfortable that I can't imagine leaving it behind.

6. Striped maxi skirt (gift from my mom)- long and lean and super comfy. It's also quite warm, which is nice since apparently Paris isn't exactly toasty in May.

7. Muubaa leather jacket (via Hautelook)- I'm going back and forth on this jacket. I adore it BUT it's rather heavy. It's not the kind of jacket that I could easily just carry around when I'm not wearing it. It is quite warm, though, and so lovely. We'll see if it ultimately makes the cut!

8. Studded cowboy boots- I've worn these a few times when I've had to be on my feet for long periods of time and have been pleasantly surprised by how comfortable they are. We're going to be doing a lot of walking so good shoes are important!

9. Moccs (old, from Payless)- These are my favorite shoes and I'm wearing them into the ground. I bought a pair of gel insoles which makes them heavenly for walking around in.

As far as accessories, I plan on wearing my new locket and my chunky silver watch with everything. Easy.

Here are some outfits I could put together with these items-

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  1. I really like the jacket!

  2. I lived in Paris as a teenager. It was da bomb! What all are you doing there? Some of my favorites from my time there (that people don't usually know about) was the catacomb tour of Paris, and renting bicycles to see the grounds at Versailles (which are available on the grounds themselves) - the only way to go. :) And the best crepes can be found at a little stand on Rue Cler and you should eat as many baguettes as you can while you're there. And raspberry tarts. And pain au chocolat. Ah crap, now I want to go to Paris. *le sigh*

  3. Take the jacket! The last time I went to Paris, it was in June and I was shocked at how cold it still was. Unless they're having an unseasonably warm spring (which I don't think they are) you will want the jacket.

  4. PARIS!! One of my favorite places. You're packing list looks good. We don't check bags either which does add a whole new level to packing. Wearing your bulkiest items on the plane, and not packing them in your bag, is always a good idea.

    Every time I'm in Europe I stress over shoes. Those Europeans know how to wear a good shoe. But when you're on vacation, you're walking. And if you travel like we do, you're walking A LOT. (We always take a pedometer and keep track in our journal.) When packing I always, always, always stress mostly about what shoes to bring. (And if we plan to go to church while we're there I always stress about having to lug a pair of dress shoes around all of Europe that I'll only need for three hours!) Taking gel inserts is a super good idea and one that I'm totally going to remember. I recommend packing really good band-aids (the waterproof kind) in your purse just in case you get any stubbed toes or blisters. This has been a life saver for the entire family, especially since band-aids seem to be extra expensive there.

    Just a little tip; on our last trip to Europe my husband came up with a super plan since our underclothing take up more room then the average person. Before we left he ordered all new pairs and then took his oldest pairs on the trip. When he was done wearing them he simple thew them away and didn't have to worry about carrying around a lot of dirty underclothing.

    Try to instagram as much as you can so the rest of us suckers can be jealous. And if you go up the Eiffel Tower go up right before sunset so you'll be there during the day, for the sunset, and at night. And also buy your tickets online before you go. And like Caitlin said, eat lots and lots of bread. And when you're done, eat even more bread. And then some more. I've found that even though I eat a ton, because of all the walking I always actually lose weight, even on the trip when I was pregnant.

  5. So happy for you - have a wonderful time!!

  6. your packing skills are mad. i love all the combos...have so much fun.

  7. I am going to Paris in 18 days, and only bringing a carry on. lol! After travelling with 3 children to Sydney last year, I am finally taking a trip by myself, and I only want the essentials! (NO SIPPY CUPS!!!) I am bringing 2 jeans, 4 t-shirts, one v-necksewater, one dress, one pair of flats, Nikes, and one light weight rain jacket, oh and a pashmina. Who can pretend to be French without a scarf?! Have a great time. Can't wait to see some of your pictures!

  8. That yellow jacket is excellent! It's all excellent. So many fun combos you could make.

  9. Love this - I'll definitely be looking back it at the next time I'm packing with limited space! :)


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