Freckles in April: Pinterest Challenge Progress Report

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pinterest Challenge Progress Report

Sisters Share It All: Pinterest Challenge

Report time!

1. My square top was a failure. She says in the tutorial that any fabric works buuut I kind of think that may not necessarily be the case. I chose a super cute cotton print and it was too stiff and the shoulders stood out in a rather unflattering manner. Plus I screwed up the hemming (ALWAYS) so the neck looked awful. I need to try it again with a knit or maybe a thin, drapey cotton but I didn't have time for another fabric store run this week. Instead, I tackled a different pin.

Stinky had been been excited for St Patrick's Day for WEEKS. He learned about it in preschool and could not. stop. talking about it. I'm not entirely sure what he thought would happen though, because I'm definitely not one of those moms who dyes the milk green and leaves leprechaun footprints around the house.

Sunday rolled around and he was like, "YAY TIME TO WEAR GREEN" and I was like, "AGH! You own nothing green!" Fortunately, I remembered pinning a bow tie tutorial and ta-da! 30 minutes later Stinky walked out the door proudly sporting a green bow tie.

2. The spinach cubes turned out just fine. I had to borrow an ice cube tray from my mom, which felt like a very odd thing to have to ask for, but it has certainly streamlined my morning smoothie process. I'm sold.

Two pins left!

Off topic, but my dear friend Thelma shared this NYT article with me yesterday. Modesty on the runways! Covering up is a new trend! I am totally on board with that.


  1. how do you know thelma? she is one of my little sister's very best friends. small world.

  2. Well I definitely must make spinach cubes. My spinach always goes bad before I find time to make enough smoothies!


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