Freckles in April: eShakti Review

Monday, March 4, 2013

eShakti Review

Almost every time I've been dress shopping over the past few years I've gone into the dressing room, tried on a dress and thought, "Seriously? Would two more inches on the hemline have killed you?"And then I've walked out empty handed.

This is why I think eShakti is such a fantastic business. You don't have to pick a dress you like only to discover that it's not quiiiite long enough or that you're going to need an undershirt to protect the world from your shiny white sternum.

eShakti carries sizes 0-36 and all the dresses come with customization options. You can add sleeves, raise a neckline, get more length, remove pockets, whatever your little heart desires. You can also enter your measurements and get a custom size.


I reviewed a dress from eShakti back in 2011 and it has become one of my default Sunday dresses. It has held up beautifully and I love wearing it. It fits like a glove and I still think the fabric is some of the nicest in my wardrobe.

When eShakti offered me another review dress I jumped at the chance. Last time it took ages to pick something out but this time it took me about 30 seconds. This gorgeous, white, vintage-inspired dress spoke to me. The bodice reminds me of something my grandma might have worn. In a good way.

The dress arrived fairly quickly and I am thrilled with it. The fabric is soft and flowy. The skirt and bodice are fully lined. It has pockets! The fit is pretty darn good- my one complaint is that, despite the fact that I submitted my measurements, the bust is a little too big.

Yes, I am slightly terrified to sit down anywhere, but that's the risk you run with white (would it be weird to pack a hand towel in my purse in case I have to sit down somewhere?). I'll be getting a ton of wear out of this dress!

It appears that my particular dress is temporarily out of stock, but here are some other styles I love-

1. Her Fifties Colorblock Dress 

2. Hot Air Balloon Ride Dress 
3. Button Tab Stripe Dress 
4. Bicycle Print Sash Waist Dress

 Go check out eShakti! Don't forget to look through their new spring and bridesmaid collections. Beware- every time I've been to their site in the past couple weeks some of the items I had my eye on have sold out, so if you find something you love then make sure you grab it! You can use the code FRECKLESNP (good through 3/30) at check out for 20% off!


  1. I love that dress! The button detail is so cute.

  2. You are right...that dress is gorgeous. And you look so lovely in it. Your weather looks gorgeous, too.

  3. So pretty! and I agree about adding two more inches on every hemline. So frustrating!

  4. Glad I'm not the only who mourns the missing 2-3 inches (I'm a little tall :) I can't tell you how many dresses stayed at the store because of the hemline.

  5. Gorgeous dress! I'm another one who is almost always wishing that dresses were just a few inches longer. Choose my hemline is my favorite thing about Eshakti.

  6. That dress is adorable! I would wear it all the time. And I'm tall, so I totally feel you about the short hems. So frustrating!

  7. K, that dress looks SO cute on you. I want it.

  8. ooooh! This is probably my most favorite eshakti creation I've seen thus far. Good work.

  9. So in love with that dress! There is nothing like a white modest dress for the summer! I also love your hair and bangs in these photos! So pretty!!

  10. This looks beautiful on you! I actually just got the Hot Air Balloon ride dress from them. I love the bicycle one very much!!!


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