Freckles in April: Splurge/Save

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


It has come to my attention that swimsuit season will soon be upon us! My belly flab is less than enthused.

My midsection's feelings aside, I have been enjoying a little online window shopping for a new swimsuit. I have a hard time shelling out very much for swimsuits because my higher quality suits have lasted only marginally longer than my $20 ones. We LIVE in the pool in the summer and between the chlorine and the sun my suits just don't last.

I ran across this ASOS suit this yesterday morning and was sad to see the price tag. Later in the afternoon, though, I discovered the Old Navy version. I love a good B&W print (AND apparently the Old Navy one has something called "control max" that sounds very flab friendly). I might be sold.

Seafolly Neo Tribe Swimsuit from ASOS - $175.40
Old Navy Twisted Bandeau Swimsuit - $39.94


  1. $40 for a suit that cute is almost unbeatable. I will have to go visit Old Navy, I think.

  2. I was pleasantly surprised with the all-black one piece I bought at Old Navy last year. This one is equally cute.

  3. how can you blog about swimsuit season when there is snow outside? ughhhhhhhhhh, the cruelty of it all!

  4. sorta like the ON better, I like the cut on the thighs, of course that could be because the model has toothpicks...

    Trying not to be envious of the pool time, we're hoping/ praying/ wishing for a move to AZ when we're done with school, someday...

  5. la la la la LOVE the new layout. awesome. always.

    I can attest to the suck in magic of Old Navy ... totally saved me last summer. that exact suit in purple.

  6. Ditto to Grace (on the layout)! I'm feeling at this point that even suck-in magic might not save me. Guess it's time to start working out a bit more.

  7. Oh that Old Navy one is cute! I hope you got it.

  8. I like the Old Navy one better, I think, actually!

  9. I have the Old Navy one in coral from last year and love it. Control max is for sure my friend.


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