Freckles in April: Santa Giveth and Santa Taketh Away

Monday, February 25, 2013

Santa Giveth and Santa Taketh Away

There have been whispers in our house. Rumors. Tales of Santa occasionally looking in on boys and girls while they sleep, checking on the toys he so lovingly crafted in his workshop to make sure they've been properly cared for and put away. My wide-eyed boys listened to these stories but, sadly, did not take them to heart. Their room remained a disaster of the highest order; toys strewn about, broken plastic pieces tossed into corners, piles of scribbled papers, bent and torn books.

Santa stopped by our house last night. He did not like what he saw.

My boys handled the news with surprisingly little complaint. Though, when they found a couple toys I had put away under their bed they thanked me for "hiding them from Santa." I do what I can.

Much better!


  1. What an awesome (and hilarious) idea... and even better that it worked!

  2. That is so funny and clever! I'm sure it works like a charm though. I remember when I was a kid, my parents would threaten to call Santa and tell on me if I was being bad. Once, they even used is as postive reinforcement and "called Santa" and let me talk to him because I WAS being good. Haha. I think it was probably some old guy from the ward, but it was THE coolest thing at the time.

    On another note, I am SO glad I got to meet you and even sit at the same table as you on Friday at the meet-up! And seriously, thanks for the awesome goodie-bag. I definitely used the dry shampoo today (Let's just say Monday mornings don't merit many hair-washings).

    - Jacquie

  3. Smart idea!!! Gonna have to bookmark this one for the future!

  4. oh my word, this is GENIUS! I love this so much.

  5. Bahahah. Santa better not check on me or he'll need to take a lot of my stuff. I try to schedule "clean my room" between "work all day" and "sleep all night" and for some reason it just...doesn't...

  6. Such a clever idea. I don't think my kid would understand right now and the threatening of toy-taking away doesn't work with him. Ugh. Glad it worked for you guys!

  7. Thanks for the good laugh. I love it!


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