Freckles in April: Open to Interpretation

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Open to Interpretation


When Erica sent over her inspiration for this round I thought, "Hm..I think I have those exact same pants."

Kohl's pants, Gap flats, Hanes men's v-neck, F21 vest, Michael Kors watch (Christmas/anniversary gift. Woot!)

It was too warm for me to go the blazer route (apologies to all you snowed-in people) but my vest did the trick. Add in some bright flats and done! The inspiration picture had a lot more bracelets going on but since the only thing on my schedule for today is laundry and preschool I'll just stick with my watch.

Visit Grace and Erica to see their interpretations!

PS this outfit was #4 on my Pinterest challenge board!

PPS  Right now eShakti is offering 20% to Freckles in April readers (code FRECKLESNP) AND there is free customization until 2/28 (TOMORROW). So, if you've had your eye on something, now's a good time to grab it.


  1. I was totally expecting you to have super short hair after all the complaints about cutting it, but it's still long! Haha! And it looks fabulous!

    Yes, I hate you for wearing short sleeves in February. I would kill to be in AZ right now.

  2. OK, I'm just jealous it's warm enough for you to be in a tshirt! You are so stinkin' cute! Love your flats!

  3. you and Erica nailed it. and I agree -- was expecting a freaking bowlcut after your gram.

    anyway --- I might have to pin this as inspiration. How odd would it be to channel one of ourselves for an OTI?

  4. Love love love your neon flats!

  5. Just yesterday, I was gazing at an eShakti dress and wishing I had a promo code to buy it for my birthday. It sold out in the last 24 hours. Tragedy.

  6. Cute outfit! I love the shoes -- and I am totally jealous of how warm it is there. :)

  7. Too warm... how would that be...

    1. Oh and I love your take, comfortable and still very stylish. It's a winner!

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. Ha, I see the comment before me had the same idea and has been DELETED! I am not spam though, but I want to know what Michael Kors watch you have! I am in the market but I am having a hard time deciding. Do you like yours?


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