Freckles in April: Open to Interpretation

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Open to Interpretation

We wanted to do a holiday OTI, something party-ish and sparkly. And it was my pick!

Had a beast of a time trying to track down an original source only to be led to the black hole of Tumblr. But I think we can all agree that this is very likely J. Crew.

Perfect holiday party attire! Except I don't really go to fancy holiday parties. Or holiday parties at all, really (nobody likes us)(every body hates us)(I think we'll go eat woooorms).

I did go to a church Christmas party with my parents this year. I didn't know anyone and when I took Baby 2 to the bathroom he got pointed all wonky and accidentally peed on my leg. We left early.

But let's say that, hypothetically, I was invited to a fancy-ish Christmas party. This is maybe what I'd wear-

Ann Taylor Loft top, DIY skirt, thrifted shoes, F21 bangles

and my favorite Gap jacket. Because it's not THAT warm in Arizona.

Nothing too exciting. But the inspiration picture pushed me to finally make this skirt, which I've had kicking around my brain for ages but have been too lazy to actually do. And I'm quite happy with it so life is good.

Go visit Erica and Grace to see their interpretations!


  1. you see ... THAT is how its done.

    love it. esp the skirt and the jacket.

    and your house .....

  2. That skirt is fabulous! And you have hair regret? Your hair is still so long! (and brown?)

  3. Love the inspiration pic! And I love what each of you put together. The more I peruse Pinterest, the more I can narrow down what I am inspired by from the pics. Sometimes it's color, sometimes the silhouette or the combination of pieces. Each of you pulled put something different and that's why I love OTI. Thanks for doing a holiday one!

    Kayla, I hope you share details on how you made the skirt! It's so lovely!

  4. You cut your hair! Very cute!

  5. I love this all - the new sparkly header, the inspiration outfit, and your new skirt. Die!

  6. Did you know that you can drag photos from your computer into Google Images to find where it came from? A quick search shows that it's indeed J.Crew, so you're correct there :)

    AND OMG I LOVE YOUR SKIRT! It reminds me of mermaid scales, which is a good thing :)

  7. I love that skirt! Super cute!

  8. I love that skirt! I am a new blog member (saw your blog via Merricks Art) and look forward to more fashion posts.

  9. What a great outfit! Your skirt is beautiful! =D

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