Freckles in April: A Few Links

Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Few Links

We got the above wave print from Ikea. What you can't tell is that it is HUGE. About 79"x55". I kind of had to talk Aaron into it but I know it's going to make him so happy. He's...slightly obsessive about waves (a side effect of being born and raised in Hawaii, I'm sure) and he's going to love having this in our new living room. (I also really want the huge map)

Elaine shared this post about nudes in art from J. Kirk Richards, an LDS artist. Mormons can be so stinking puritanical about modesty that it can be detrimental to our appreciation of the human body as a work of God. I'm kind of thinking I need a nude painting for our house now. If you see a good one, send it my way (relatedly: what makes a nude a good nude?).

Please tell me you are already aware of the illustrated tweet of the day from Hello Giggles. Last week I spent 2 hours laying in bed during my kids' quiet time reading them on my phone. I arose feeling so very understood.

Illustrated tweeeeet!

My hair is getting super long. It's below my bra strap in the back. I am absurdly proud of this. It feels like an accomplishment I've been working toward for a long time and maybe there should be an award for it or something.

If you haven't read this post, entitled "The fart that (almost) altered my destiny" then please go read right this very moment. I was laughing so hard that I stopped making sound. And also, tears were streaming down my face. It was ugly, but the post is just. that. funny. 


  1. We have the map from Ikea in our basement and we love it! It has become a fun place to dream of places we want to go, remember places we have been, etc. Okay, off to read your links :)!

  2. That last Thank you so much for sharing that link.

  3. I studied art under Kirk for a year after I graduated college. He's awesome, and that post he wrote was amazing. Glad you shared that one!

  4. Oh those Ikea prints are HUGGGGGE. and I love the map one too!

    I was reading the fart post while holding a sleeping baby and I woke her up from laughing too hard.

  5. Please tell me that you're going to put little flag pins in the map print of the places you've been! I've always wanted to do that. Or do it color coded of places you've been and places you'd like to go, etc. My head is spinning with ideas.

    Also, thanks for sharing that post by Kirk. AWESOME. Although I'm a little upset he turned off comments on it because I have a lot I could comment on.

    Like Kirk my husband graduated with an art degree from BYU. He's often told me about how his professors "suggested" that students go up to the U and take some drawing classes there so they could actually draw nudes. One of his (female) classmates told me that she joined a drawing club where artist got together on a monthly basis and took turns drawing each other nude. They all took their turn being the subject. I always thought it was hilarious that they had to sneak around to do this.

    And now I'm off to read the illustrated tweet of the day. (The fart link is blocked at work. So I can't read that one. Darn it.)

  6. I can relate to the "long hair = personal success" bit. If I really want to feel good about myself, I'll wear a bra that sits higher on my back so the distance between it and my (ridiculously scraggly) hair is larger. Simple pleasures, right?


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