Freckles in April: Splurge/Save

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I pinned these Free People boots back when it was still cold enough for boots to sound like a good idea. I love the colors and the detail and Navajo type print. I did not love the almost $500 price tag. And when I clicked over I didn't love how they looked from the other angles. They're kind of..large? I dunno. But they still stuck in my mind.

I saw these boots at Target last week and was like, YES. That would do the trick nicely. They look a lot like the short version of the Caballero boot. The colors are gorgeous and I like the buckle detail.

Bonus: I tried them on and they're super comfortable.

Freebird Caballero Boot - $498
Target Kalea Boot - $29.99


  1. I had to check the calendar and make sure it wasn't December 25th -- are you back back!?!?!?!

    anyway -- I can't walk by those boots without thinking of you (which is a lot because I escape to Target a lot)


  2. I saw that you posted a photo of those on IG! They're super cute, but I'm always wary of the mid-calf height boots, they usually only look good on gals with really skinny legs, which I am not. Are you going to get them???

  3. Not bad, Target. Not bad at all.


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