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Monday, June 11, 2012

OTI: Interpreting Erica's Inspiration!

Just a reminder, here was Erica's pick-

I was battling a nasty cold through the end of last week and into the weekend and I was seriously not wanting to get dressed. I wanted to wear sweatpants and wallow in self-pitying misery (Why colds in the summer?!? WHYYYY??). And then I remembered that the only bright pair of shorts I own are, in fact, sweat pants. Problem solved.

Hanes v-neck, Target shorts, Restricted sandals via HauteLook, Vogue shades, thrifted scarf
It felt like I was wearing pajamas and looked..well, like I was wearing pajamas with a scarf on my head.

It works.

Bug flew up my shorts. Yes, really. That tree has it in for me.

Check out Erica's and Grace's interpretations then link up your interpretation below!


  1. You need to give lessons on how to wear a headwrap -- you do it so much better than I will ever, ever do.

    and posing -- I'm awful at that too.

  2. Diggin' the pajamas with the scarf on top - looks fabulous and is pretty darn comfy I'm sure. And I second what Grace said about the headwrap.

  3. How cute! My sweats are not nearly as cute as yours and can only be worn inside my home or at the gym. Wait, I take that back. They can also be worn to Walmart. =) But I'd never do that! lol

    Even sick, you still look manage to look adorable. I'm lovin' the headwrap!

  4. Cute outfits,
    you look fabulous in headwrap,
    hanes clothing

  5. How are you making practically-pajamas look so stinking cute? I hate you.

    (Not really.)

  6. I don't have a blog for this, but here's my interpretation:

  7. AnonymousJune 11, 2012

    Loving the headscarf! Your outfit is so summery and fun! :)


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