Freckles in April: Quick Stuff

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Quick Stuff

1. If you bought stuff from my blog shop last week I got MOST of it shipped this weekend. I still have one or two boxes that need to go out plus a couple orders that I still need to bill and get shipping info, but I'm almost there!

2. My little blog hit a grown-up milestone last weekend- I'm now! I have my own domain! I feel so very official now. It was $10 and about 30 seconds. I went through Blogger itself and everything transferred (including my feed) and I had to do nothing. It was the easiest thing ever. If you're on the fence about it I recommend doing it, if only for the feeling of legitimacy.

3. Remember the JCrew shirt I blogged about? My in-laws gave it to me for my birthday! And I LOVE it. I even wore it on the first day of M:PT!

4. Speaking of, I'm doing Mission: Put Together on Flickr but I doubt I'll bother posting any of my pictures on here (too busy + too lazy). You can find my set here or the whole group here if you're interested! I'm totally getting spoiled by how quick and easy it is to take awful iPhone pictures into a mirror, by the way. How do you go back after that??

This is probably the only thing I'll get up on the blog this week due to a very long to-do list. If you feel the need to see what I'm up to, there's always Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Enjoy your Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and weekend!


  1. I check your blog often - but today I NEED to know how to switch from blogspot to your own domain. And do you like it any better than the "new and improved" blogger? I HATE the new stuff. It's a bigger pain than ever....

    I'm all OVER $10 and a couple minutes if it's better than the old / new one...

    1. It was super easy to switch, BUT! I'm still using the Blogger platform. Literally the ONLY thing that changed is my URL. Everything else is the same on the back end!

  2. Darn. I was hoping to do away with the annoying stuff on blogger. Oh well. Thanks for replying!

  3. By the way, just sent my sister to the Snappy Apple site I saw in your ads. She lives in Tucson and fell in LOVE with their stuff! Thanks!


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