Freckles in April: Open to Interpretation

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Open to Interpretation

Erica and I decided we wanted to squeeze in one last regular OTI round before the big one starts next week. This was actually supposed to happen forever ago but stuff kept happening and we kept pushing it back and here we are.

In any event, it's my pick-

Miroslava Duma. Original source unknown.
Oh how I love this. The laid back cool speaks to my soul.

I did this one two different ways. I put together a fun outfit last week but when I went to take pictures I discovered my lens was across town with Aaron's business partner. I took iPhone mirror pictures for M:PT anyway.

Out of Print tee via HauteLook, Asos skirt, Sam Edelman flats via Last Chance

Oh, this skirt. I got it on super clearance from Asos forever ago but have a really hard time wearing it. It's supposed to be a midi, I think, but it's a little too long for that. Not a midi, not quite a maxi (I think that's a Britney Spears song?). I'll hem it up someday.

We finally got my lens back a couple days ago so I did another take on the inspiration yesterday (screeching in under the deadline!)-

Thrifted scarf and vest, AG Jeans via Hautelook, Out of Print tee via HauteLook (Charlotte's Web!), Sam Edelman flats via Last Chance, Vogue sunglasses

Happier than I look, I'm sure

The scarf conveniently covered up the fact that I haven't washed my hair in...I actually can't remember the last time I washed my hair. We've been in the pool a LOT and chlorine has been doing the job for me. Also, I have a crazy sunburn on my shoulders. Par for the freckled course.

For someone who has been grouching about summer for at least a month I sure have been soaking it in this week. We cut up some watermelon and grilled burgers for lunch yesterday. My skin smells like sunscreen and has that slightly sensitive feeling that comes from being in the sun a few minutes too long. I've barely changed out of my swimsuit since Monday. The only makeup I've worn is a bit of waterproof mascara I swiped on three days ago. When we collapse into bed at night it's with that deep exhaustion usually reserved for vacations and holidays that comes from playing outside in the sun and water all day. I think I might survive this summer in a single, sane, sunburned piece.

Go check out Erica's interpretation and then come participate us in our link-ups over the next couple weeks!


  1. cute cute Kayla. you look adorable.

  2. Loving the scarf and the bun. I need to get some scarves that are meant for hair - mine are all too long. And I'm totes jellin' that you've been swimming all day, every day. Enjoy some of that summer for those of us cooped up all day.

  3. Loving that skirt, so feminine yet so fun!!

    Cathy Trails

  4. Ah I totally love this! I also appreciate the fact that you didn't just copy the inspirational photo. Probably my favorite item is the scarf on your head!

  5. that girl is totally nicole richie's twin. wow.

    anyway -- you people that can pull off headgear. I try not to hate you ---- looks awesome -- both heads -- both gears.

  6. I love the scarf on your head -- how you tied it... looks great. I always struggle with keeping them on!


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