Freckles in April: Splurge/Save

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Someday I will buy myself a leather jacket. A real one. I will save my pennies and when I finally get it I will love it all the more for having had to work and wait for it. I will wear it forever and take good care of it and pass it down to my hypothetical daughter, who will also love it and care for it and wear it forever.

Until that happens, there's Forever 21.

Zara Leather Jacket - $249 (also comes in white [my fav, I think], and black)
F21 Faux Leather Bomber - $32.80

Hypothetical situation: a wealthy distant relative passes away and leaves you the exact amount of money you need to buy yourself a real leather jacket. What color would you get? Black? White? Brown? Something kind of fun like the pink above?


  1. There was a cute pink jacket like this at Target a few months ago. I was really tempted!

  2. So you didn't get the jacket? Bummer! You totally should splurge on it.

  3. Ooh, these are great. For an investment one I would probably go with a tan/caramel color since it would go with everything - but pretty much I never get around to actually buying the investment ones because I get so freaked out about having to find the PERFECT one so that I don't ever regret my choice when I spend all that money. Not exactly the right approach to smart shopping, but that's my brain...

  4. i actually think the F21 is cuter than the more expensive. oh well. i would choose camel color.....i think. then again, i'm not a big fan of leather jackets on me......

  5. I've had black leather and faux leather jackets before. I tend to gravitate toward black so I think a brown one would be a nice change of pace!

  6. While the pink and white would be super cute, I'd probably leave those for the cheaper faux leather versions since they'd get dirty easily and may go out of style. Black or brown is more boring, but at least they're timeless, which is a plus when you're spending so much money on one item! :)

  7. Sounds like a perfect plan! :) Both of those jackets are cute. If I could buy a real leather jacket, it would be a pinkish or a grey, I think.

  8. Love love this faux leather jacket! Very Very verstaile! Wear over a maxi or just wear over a sheer blouse!Im typically a Xl and if I want a loser look i get a 1x but this I found great in a xl didnt wanna get it to big because i wanted to be fitted versus loose it all depends on what kinda look your looking for! Take my word this is a good buy!


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