Freckles in April: Splurge/Save

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I've been talking myself into and then back out of this J.Crew top for a few days. Such a flattering silhouette! And it comes in three really pretty colors! ...Except I don't need it! Not even a little bit! So when I ran across this F21 top I said, "HEY! I know that shirt!"

The J.Crew one is cotton and the F21 one is knit, but the stripes and silhouette are pretty similar. If I were to talk myself into a new shirt I think I'd probably splurge on the J.Crew one ($40 isn't too painful and the peach version is SO pretty) but it's always nice to know there's a cheaper option!

J.Crew Top - $39.50
Forever 21 Top - $14.80


  1. I would love it if this became a regular series.

  2. I think we have different ideas of what is a painful price for a shirt. I would most definitely pick up the F21 top, though.

  3. I've been obsessing over striped slouchy shirts lately. I've gotten a few this winter on Gaps's clearance rack! I LOVE them. And I have to say I kinda like F21 over the JCrew version!! Maybe it's the wide band at the bottom?! Super cute find Kayla!!

  4. Agreed, this would be a good series, I love a steal!

    --heather anderson @

  5. I'd have a hard time spending $40 on a top too. especially one I don't need. LOVE the one from forever 21!

  6. Doesn't $39 seem ridiculously cheap for J.Crew?

  7. I think I would try to find a cheaper cotton option because the knit will pill.


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