Freckles in April: Origami Inspired

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Origami Inspired

I adore origami inspired clothing. It feels so architectural and crisp and I always want to take it apart to see how it's put together! Asos in particular has had some really great pieces this year (how cool is this men's shirt?) but I've run across origami everywhere from Etsy to Zara to JCPenney. I've seen a lot of classic black, but the warming weather has brought some fun, brighter colors. Here are a few things I'm loving for spring-

1. Asos River Island Uncanny Origami Platform Shoes - $152.19
2. J.Crew Origami Sheath Dress - $198
3. Nelle Silk Taffeta Bowtiful Clutch - $115 
4. Anthropologie Ruffled Ribbed Tee - $48
5. Etsy Origami Hana Rope Necklace - $60
6. Asos Aqua Bruni Origami Bandeau Mini Dress - $107.43

As much as I love these pieces, they're all a bit more than I want to spend so I came up with a fun (and easy!) DIY that I'll be posting tomorrow!

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  1. So lovely. I have not thought of origami in a clothing sense before!


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