Freckles in April: Open to Interpretation

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Open to Interpretation

This round was Erica's pick!

Madewell 2011

Darn that Erica! Her inspiration pictures are always the hardest for me. I own nothing in this color. My one silk blouse is in the dry clean pile. I am scared of scarves. I don't own hipster glasses. I got nothing. I barely squeaked in under the deadline with my outfit but I did it!

Thrifted top (similar), thrifted scarf (similar), Gap jeans (similar), Target moccs, Simply Vera sunglasses from Kohls


After spending an entire day going in and out of my closet searching for SOMETHING to wear for this round, I rediscovered this linen shirt all wrinkled and abandoned at the far back. It has very similar details as the one in the inspiration pic so I busted out the iron. I tied a scarf in my hair instead of around my neck so as to avoid the dreaded flight attendant look (no offense to flight attendants) and I quite liked the result.

Go check out Amy's and Erica's interpretations!


  1. I love this outfit. I think you look fantastic, and I really like the extra long cuff on your jeans. Great interpretation!

  2. I love the head scarf and these photos are so much fun! You did a great job with the inspiration, says I. Love it!

  3. I wouldn't have know what to do with that inspiration photo, either! You pulled it off quite well.

  4. you did quite nicely. love the scarf on the head....good look.

  5. I think yours is like the resort wear version of the hipster look, with the headscarf and great sunglasses... So laid back and cute!

  6. You definitely work it for having such a hard time finding something to wear!

  7. For barely squeaking in, you nailed it. I love the scarf with the monochromatic outfit, and once again, hate that you are wearing capris when I'm shivering.

  8. I like it, I love it... sorry Tim McGraw just started singing in my head. Perfect.

  9. You are so cute! I love the retro feeling of the scarf in your hair!
    {and, as always, love your name! :) }

  10. This outfit is a WIN. I am in absolute love with it, especially the scarf.

  11. I also love this outfit. Am I the only one who thinks you resemble Rosie the Riveter? Too cool!

  12. This outfit is TOO cute. I love it.


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